These Android apps will give you a new experience in using your phone

The Google Play Store has countless apps and games, from productivity tools to phone customization apps. But some Android apps can completely change your phone experience.

In this post, we will learn about some fantastic Android apps that will improve your phone experience even a little bit.


Many apps can do automation of various Android tasks. MacroDroid is a popular Android automation app that automates various phone activities.

MacroDroid app is straightforward; you must set the action and select the trigger. For example, if plugging in headphones is a trigger, opening an automatic Spotify or Music app can be an action.

MacroDroid’s automation tool can come in handy in numerous such situations. From simple automation processes to complex automation processes can be created.


We already know about the MacroDroid app, which automates various phone activities. IFTTT is another automation tool similar to MacroDroid but only works with Internet-based services. IFTTT can be used to automate the tasks of various internet services.

IFTTT apps like MacroDroid only need to set actions and triggers. Note that the services used here must provide access permission to IFTTT, which is considered safe. Suppose you want an image posted on a Facebook page to be automatically posted on Twitter, in which case IFTTT can come in handy. Almost all popular web services can be automated using the IFTTT app.


When you hear the Notepin app in action, you may wonder why it isn’t already a native feature of Android. Notes can be created using this app and saved as a reminder in the notification panel.

The Noten app is straightforward to use. We open the phone’s notification panel countless times every day, and if there are instructions on something that needs to be done, it will help to remind us to finish a task quickly. It also has the feature of selecting required and last added notes. There is also a facility to sort messages in different colors.

Linked Browser

Social media is the best source for finding interesting articles on the internet, but sometimes it is impossible to read all the pieces at once. In such a situation, saving articles you want to read later can be wise.

You can use the Linked Browser app for this purpose. It keeps web pages open in the background, which can be accessed anytime by tapping the floating and onscreen bubbles. The app is straightforward and can be used with the default browser.

Another fantastic app feature is the opportunity to open web pages in Article mode. This feature opens web pages without hassle, making reading very easy.

Quick Cursor

Smartphone screens are getting bigger day by day, as a result of which using the phone with one hand may seem boring to many. Quick Cursor app solves the mentioned problem.

The Quick Cursor app adds a cursor to the screen, allowing thumbs to control app buttons and other UI elements. The benefit of this app is to use a small portion of the screen to manage everything on the rest of the screen. The app is Android.


A great addition to Google’s services is the Google Lens app. Google Lens can copy text from images, translate, scan shopping or restaurant menus, or even scan a place, object, or animal. Our dedicated post lets you learn more about Google Lens and its use.


Sesame is a universal search and shortcut maker through which you can create shortcuts for any activity in any app. Suppose you want to enter your group on Facebook with one click; in that case, you can create a shortcut by the app. You can make any shortcut with this app.

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