The teacher punched the student’s face!

A teacher punched a student in the face and left the sore. Although a complaint was made to the head teacher of the school, he did not take any action against the accused teacher.

Later his guardian complained to various departments, including Rajshahi Education Board.
According to the complaint, Ms. Neha Rani (14) is a 7th-class Lakshipur Girls High School student. On July 26, he had an argument with another classmate about sitting on a bench in the classroom. The classmate informed the teacher Najma Khatun about this.

Teacher Najma Khatun was very angry. Finally, he punched the student Neha Rani in the face. This injured Neha Rani under her eyes. Besides, the student fell ill with pain. Later, Neha’s father, Masum Lal, got the news and took her home from the school to Rajshahi Medical College (Ramek) Hospital with first aid.

The next day on July 27, Neha met Rani’s mother, Najma Khatun. The accused teacher Najma Khatun became even angrier. Besides, he insulted people of low caste (Harijan community) with abusive language. Again, he threatened to look into the matter if he exaggerated too much.

A complaint was made to the headmaster of the school in this regard. He did not take any action against the accused teacher. Later, the girl’s father, Masum Lal, complained to Rajshahi Education Board and other departments. Besides, he went to Rajpara police station and filed a written complaint.

In this regard, the head teacher of the school, Irene Zafar, said that it is not true that he did not take action. A show cause notice has been issued to the accused teacher following the written complaint of the parent. Besides, a three-member committee has been formed to investigate the incident. The committee has been asked to report within three working days. After getting the report of the committee then, necessary action will be taken accordingly.

However, after this complaint, the teacher Najma Khatun claims to the head teacher that there was a commotion between the two students. He restrained both. He was not punched. They may have been like that during the melee themselves. The allegation against him is false.

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