The price of the dollar rises again in the open market

In the open market, the dollar price rose slightly by the number of rupees. It is being sold from taka 109 to taka 110. Compared to recent times, the cost of this foreign currency has increased by one to two taka.

This information was known from money changers and open market in Dhaka on Thursday (July 28). On Wednesday (July 27), each dollar was sold from 107.50 taka to 108.80 taka. The dollar market was said to be broadly stable on Thursday.

Before and after Eid, the US dollar price was trading between Tk 100 and Tk 102. Currently, it is sold at 112 taka. The cost of the dollar in the open market fell slightly on Wednesday. On Thursday, the dollar price again increased by one to two rupees.

The officials of the money changer companies said that the dollar price is 109 to 110 taka. On Wednesday, it traded from 107.50 taka to 108.80 taka.

Proprietor of Zaman Money Exchange. Zaman told us that the dollar price has increased by one to two rupees compared to Wednesday. We are selling dollars at 107 taka and 108 taka in the morning. Prices are slightly higher afternoon.

On Thursday, the dollar was bought at 109 taka and sold at 109.50 taka, and 109.50 taka was bought and sold at 110 taka. The price of the dollar has been stable since morning, said the director of Rainbow Money Exchange. Rafiqul Islam.

Market volatility is ongoing due to the dollar crisis. Those concerned also think that it will take some time to stabilize. They said that the market will soon return to stability if action is taken against the illegal traders of dollars.

According to Central Bank data, from July 2020 to August last year, the dollar price was stable at 84.80 taka in the interbank currency market. But since then, the dollar crunch has started to pay substantial import costs. Which is still ongoing.

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