The 6 best foods to eat for thicker hair

A wrong diet can seriously damage your hair. Using different hair packs or cosmetics will not match the benefits if certain foods are not present in sufficient quantity in the diet list. Know which foods to eat regularly if you want to naturally get healthy and strong hair. Keratin is a type of protein that helps hair grow. Consuming the necessary protein through food promotes new hair growth.

the fish
Be sure to include fish in the diet—omega-3 fatty acids in the fish act as natural oils to keep hair shiny. Eat different types of fish regularly.

Another excellent source of omega-three fatty acids is a variety of nuts. Cashews, pistachios, walnuts, and walnuts are rich in omega-3s, vitamin E, and biotin. These ingredients play an influential role in keeping the hair healthy.

green vegetables
Eat plenty of green vegetables. They contain various minerals as well as iron, which prevents hair breakage.

the carrot
Carrots are not only good for eyesight and skin. Carrots should be eaten regularly for healthy hair. Beta-carotene in carrots helps in the absorption of vitamin A. And vitamin A is essential for our body cells and hair. Lack of this vitamin causes hair loss. Besides carrots, sweet potatoes, sweet pumpkins, and mangoes are rich in vitamin A.

the egg
In addition to protein, sulfur, zinc, iron, and selenium are found in eggs. These ingredients are essential for strong hair. Eggs contain biotin and vitamin B7. These two ingredients work for faster hair growth.

Yogurt is a source of vitamin B12, protein, iodine, and calcium. Just as curd packs make hair silky, so curd also makes hair beautiful.

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