Plant Care Mistakes You Should Avoid Doing

Many people think they give water daily, but why do the trees die? Maybe the hobby plants are dying because of this daily watering. Because not all plants need to be watered every day. Many complain that the leaves turn yellow or fall off when the nursery plants are brought home. Flowers and fruits do not come properly. The reason for this is improper care of the tree.
Yellowing of leaves

One of the leading causes of yellowing leaves is water manipulation. Just as the leaves may turn yellow if you give too much water to the plant, it may also happen if you give less water if needed. When buying a plant from a nursery, know how much water to give each plant. Cactus, snake plants or succulent-type plants require very little water. Even if you provide them with water once a week, they will survive forever. Again, for spiders or certain plants, it is essential to water every day or every two days. After buying a tree, you can Google it to learn more about its care.

Putting the plant in the wrong tub
Small ceramic tubs are our first choice for decorating the home. But these types of tubs usually do not have holes in the bottom. As a result, the roots rot because the water cannot escape. Again, the plant cannot grow after a specific time due to keeping it in a small tub. Then the tree becomes dirty and pale. Clay tubs are ideal for keeping plants. If you want to keep the plant indoors, you can paint the earthen tub. Plant any plant in a perforated tub. Place the broken part of the soil tub over the hole before pouring the soil. If you see roots coming out of the ground and the plant is dying, lift it and plant it in a giant tub.

Sun and light as needed
Some plants grow fast when they get the sun, while others wilt due to its intensity. Generally, flowers and fruit plants need sun. Never place indoor plants in direct sunlight. Some plants need to be put in a place that receives light sun. Understand the tree and provide light and sunshine for the tree.

Insect attack
There will rarely be a tree, and the insect will not come. However, if the insect attacks the tree leaves, it becomes difficult to save the tree. If white bugs appear, mix neem oil with dish cleaner and spray in the evening. If ants or insects attack the plant’s soil, mix neem cake. In addition, insecticides for spraying the leaves of plants are available in nurseries. You can use them too.

Do not prune the tree.
Plant growth can be stunted if not pruned properly. Because when the plant grows too tall, nutrients do not reach everywhere correctly. Trim the trees at regular intervals.

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