Know: how much salt is safe to eat every day to avoid a heart attack

Salt not only adds flavor to food but also takes care of the body. The body also needs salt.

Nutritionists say eating more than 5 grams of salt daily is inappropriate. ‘Hu’ says that a healthy person should not eat more than 5 grams of salt per day. The World Health Organization has also approved this. Overeating salt means bringing home high blood pressure and heart disease.

‘Hu’ says sodium-potassium is essential in the body. These two elements are essential to keep the body healthy. If a person eats 5 grams of salt daily, his body will have a balanced amount of these two elements.

Otherwise, overeating salt increases sodium levels in the body. And because of this, the bones become weak. High blood pressure also occurs. And if the problem of high blood pressure increases, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases.

Hu observes that 3 million people die every year from excess salt. At least 25 lakh lives could be saved if salt intake could be controlled. Because ‘Hu’ found that those who suffer from such problems eat much more than the regular 5 grams, up to 9-12 grams of salt in many cases, almost double the requirement.

How do you control excess salt intake?
Do not leave salt shakers on the dining table. And eat fewer snacks or chips when you are hungry. Or try buying ‘low sodium food items.

Medical experts say that salt has two main components — sodium and potassium. However, salt is high in sodium and low in potassium. In this situation, those who eat more salt take more sodium in the body. And it causes significant damage to the body.

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