Can’t sleep at night? Try these apps

Many people have trouble sleeping at night. Although sleep comes after many attempts, it breaks again in a short time. And the hair has to be pulled the next day. I can’t concentrate on work, and my mood is irritable.

The good news for those who suffer from such problems is that there is a solution with the help of technology. And the answer is hidden in your smartphone. Several smartphone apps will help you sleep at night.


This app helps you sleep through guided meditation. You can also get rid of unwanted thoughts. This app is also straightforward to use due to its simple user interface. This app is completely free to use.

Sleep Sounds

This app contains various natural sounds. It is easy to fall asleep after listening to this sound. There is an opportunity to create a playlist of your favorite words. This app has a sleep timer.


Like the previous app, it also has a collection of natural sounds. It will be accompanied by ASMR music and white noise. Additionally, you can also get an image of how you sleep at night from this app. This app will record snoring or talking while sleeping. There is guided meditation. Different sound waves will help you sleep deeper. Includes various bedtime stories.


This popular app will help you sleep well at night by changing your daily routines. This app will help the body relax and fall asleep. Apart from this, this app will help create daily meditation habits.

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