Additional cricket is also discussed in the ICC meeting

The discussion started after Ben Stokes announced his ODI retirement. The English all-rounder retired from the 50-over game at just 31, citing fatigue from over-crying. Since then, the only discussion in world cricket is which direction the future of international cricket?

The member countries also discussed this at the ICC Annual General Meeting in Birmingham last two days. At the end of this meeting, the ICC’s future tour plan for the next four years was to be announced. But in the discussion of other cricket, the member countries have to think again about it.

ICC chairman Greg Barclay gave a glimpse at the press conference after the meeting. In this regard, he said, ‘There is no time in our calendar. 365 days in a year, many crickets are played through ICC events, including bilateral series. There is also the pressure of the T20 league. Are we close to losing international cricket? I’m not sure.’


The issue of cricketers also came up in Berkeley’s press conference. Barclay’s message to cricket boards, ‘They need to think about the cricketers too. The amount of cricket you have to play, you have to think about the pressure. So some changes must be made.

The Cricket Boards have confirmed the timings for their respective T20 leagues in the ICC’s future tour schedule. It also has international cricket. It does not solve the problem of extra cricket.

ICC chief executive Geoff Allardyce said, ‘Member countries are showing interest in their domestic leagues. On the other hand, the international bilateral series also looks very strong. In this case, all parties have to strike a balance between the two. But the problems of all parties are not the same. So it isn’t easy to give a specific solution for everyone.

The discussion is more about ODI cricket. The ICC’s ongoing selection process for the 2027 ODI World Cup will not include the ODI Super League. So it is assumed that ODI cricket will also lose its importance. But the draft of ICC’s future tour plan does not reflect that. The ICC chief executive said, “We talked about the structure. Different countries have seen other views on the three versions of the game. Currently, there is not much change in the number of ODI cricket.


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