Hey guys in this video we’re going to bechecking out the five best lenovo laptops you can buy right now I madethis list based on my personal opinion and hours of research and I’ve listedthem based on performance features and price I’ve included options for everytype of consumer so whether you’re looking for a budget laptop or morepremium model with a 4k display we’ll have the products for you if you wantmore information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to checkthe links in the description below okay so let’s get started with the video thefifth products on our list is the Lenovo flex 14 two.


And one this is our bestbudget Lenovo laptop if you’re looking for an affordable convertible laptop forschool or work that delivers Portability and reliable performance to handleeveryday tasks then the flex 14 two and one may be the perfect laptop for youcurrently priced at five hundred thirty dollars the Flex 14 is a solid performerin its class even beating out the Asus vivo book flip 14 you’ll find the userexperience is great and the two-in-one offers a lot of versatility.


When itcomes to productivity the design looks similar to most two and one models fromLenovo the nice aluminum surface is sleek with a premium look and the sturdyhinges let you position the laptop in various positions you’ll find theperformance to be surprisingly good for its price bracket and writinglast-minute papers or projections on a spreadsheet is frustration free fromsluggishness or lag it even comes with Lenovo’s active pen to stylus which isquite responsive.


And once you combine that with Windows ink the Flex 14 isgreat for taking handwritten notes memos or gives creatives a little more freedomonline surfing shopping and checking what’s trending on your social mediaaccounts is also a breeze even with multiple tabs open you’ll find the 4kYouTube videos load without much of a problem however it’s not optimal forcomplex photo or video editing if you’re a creative or content creator that needsmore firepower then you’ll want to check out the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme gen 2coming up later in the video the key feature,


Are touchscreen display veryresponsive full 1080p HD display security fingerprint reader the pros areaffordable great entry-level price for the performance ports full sized portbattery up to 10 hours of use and can recharge up to 80% in just one hourstylus you get Lenovo’s active pen 2 stylus for easy markups notes or memosand for the cons dim screen the display is a little dim even with the brightnesscranked went outdoors if you’re looking for an affordable 2 in 1 laptop forschool or work that delivers Portability and reliable performance for everydaytasks convenient to take from class to class or jump from one meeting to thenext then the Flex 14 2 &


1 may be the perfect laptop for you with a responsivefull HD touchscreen display the fourth product on our list is the lenovo LegionY 740 this is our best Lenovo laptop for gaming if you’re looking for a blazingfast gaming laptop for graphic hungry games and triple-a titles then theLenovo Legion Y 740 may be the perfect laptop for you currently priced at 1510dollars the Lenovo Legion Y 740 delivers gamingpower coupled with an elegant design with a great attention to detail makingit truly a beauty and a beast the whole chassis is made of high-quality aluminumwith a great minimalist yet elegant design for RGB fans the keyboard airvents.


And the Y in the letter O on the lid all illuminated you’ll also getLenovo’s thermal cooling system and has been dubbed the Legion cold front it’s adual channel thermal system with four vents a dedicated heatsink for thekeyboard an individual CPU and GPU cooling making it run cooler than mostgaming laptops the keyboard is great you’ll find it comfortable with aslightly rubberized feel for grip with quick response times and hasanti-ghosting for more accurate responses especially if you happen to bea button masher you also get several customizable macrokeys running down the left-hand side both the keys.


And lights arecustomisable with the Corsair IQ software under the hood you get plentyof firepower with a bright full HD 1080p display that delivers crisp and detailedimages with the fast refresh rate and Nvidia’s g-sync playing triple-a titleslike shadow of the Tomb Raider has no issues with screen tearing lag or framedrops the key features are under the hood 2.20 gigahertz Intel Core i7 9750h6 cores with a 12 megabyte cache and an nvidia geforcer-tx 2070 with max q 8 gigabytes gddr5 you also get 16 gigabytes ddr4 sdramstorage 256 gigabytes nvme SSD.


And 1 terabyte HDD the pros are dolby visiondolby vision software enabled HDR g-sync Nvidia’s g-sync refresh rate fast 144hertz refresh rate ports plenty of ports including HDMI mini DisplayPort Ethernetand a Kensington wedge lock slot and for the cons battery poor battery life withonly about two and a half hours if you’re looking for a great gaming laptopto play triple-a titles than the Lenovo Legion Y 740 delivers plenty offirepower under the hood with high refresh rates and Nvidia’s g-sync so youcan game with no lag screen tearing or frame drops the third product on ourlist is the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 yoga this is our best 2 and 1 Lenovo laptop ifyou’re a professional looking for a great performing 2 in 1 laptop businesssolution.


That offers plenty of power for office work but also the versatility ofa tablet for presentations and convenient note-taking during meetingsthen the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 yoga may be the right choice for you currentlypriced at 20 135 dollars the x1 yoga is a departure from the traditionalcarbon-fiber ThinkPads and goes with a cnc aluminum chassis that’s thinner andlighter and looks as good as it functions giving it that professionallook it has a gorgeous 14 inch 2.5 k display a best-in-class keyboard all-daybattery performance and not to mention that it’s a two-in-onemakes it one of the best business laptops available whether you’re writingmemos setting up spreadsheets with the latest forecasts.


Or even creatingpresentations you’ll really enjoy working on the x1 yoga you get plenty ofprocessing power to whip through all your tasks along with the versatility ofthe two-in-one design that lets you transform it into tent mode forpresentations or switch to full tablet mode for meetings without awkwardlytaking up space with a laptop especially when it comes to more casual meetingsthe hinges rotate smoothly but are stiff enough to hold its position you’ll findit’s about a half pound heavier than the x1 carbon butstill extremely portable 4xx on the go if you don’t require the two-in-onefeature and prefer a lighter laptop stay tuned for the x1 carbon coming up laterin the video.


The key features are under the hood Intel Core i7 with Intel u HDgraphics six twenty sixteen gigabytes RAM and a 512 gigabyte SSD – and onebest of both worlds use a laptop tablet and various tent mode angles the prosour display bright vivid 2.5 k touchscreen display design slim durablealuminum chassis keyboard best-in-class keyboard with curved keys that conformto your fingers nice key travel with nice resistance levels battery longbattery life stylus 2048 levels of pressure and slides right in the bodyfor storage security fingerprint sensor and face recognition.


And for the consfan noise occasional fan noise if you’re an on-the-go professional looking forgreat performing 2 in 1 laptops for business that can crunch through worktasks but also has the versatility of a tablet for presentations and convenientnote-taking during meetings then the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 yoga may be the rightchoice for you the second product on our list is the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extremegen – this is our best Lenovo laptop for creative professionals if you’re acreative professional looking for a powerful laptop to create content andmultimedia the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme Gen 2 maybe the right laptop foryou currently priced at 2700 $15 the ThinkPad x1 extreme Gen 2 is a greatalternative to the MacBook Pro 16 while staying in the Windows environment theslimline design takes the impeccable quality of lenovo thinkpad.


And packed ina powerful processor and discreet graphics to tackle demanding apps givingyou the freedom to create you’ll love how the stunning 4k Ultra HD mo LEDdisplay brings your creations to life with incredible contrast you’ll findedits and filters process incredibly fast in Photoshop even on larger filesthe x1 extreme gen 2 gives you 100% of srgb and 97% of Adobe RGB so your imagesare color accurate it’ll also handle video editing without any issues interms of performance when it to encoding footage the x1 extremeGentoo edges out the MS ip65 creator but lagged slightly behind the MacBook Pro16 if you’re working with media files you’ll appreciate the SSD for fasterread.


And write speeds the extreme Gen 2 goes a step further to give you two nvmebase so you can expand according to your needs the key features are under thehood eye 998 ath with 8 processing cores with 4 gigabytes max q version ofNvidia’s GeForce GTX 1650 display customization you can customize thedisplay settings per app the pros are color support 100% of srgb and 97% ofAdobe RGB Wi-Fi 6 support for eight oh two point O is ports plenty of portsincluding two Thunderbolt three ports keyboard comfortable with just the rightamount of travel it’s also spill resistant and backlit security comeswith a fingerprint reader and facial recognition SSD slots to nvme SSD slotsand for the cons battery disappointing battery life with about six.


And a halfhours if you create content or work in multimedia you’ll love the performanceof the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 extreme Gen 2 it has plenty of processing power and astunning 4k Ultra HD mo LED display that creative professionals will want thefirst products on our list is the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon this is our bestoverall Lenovo laptop if you’re a professional looking for the pinnaclebusiness laptop that’s ultra portable for on-the-go productivity or a coffeeshop denizen creating content then the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon may be theperfect laptop for you currently priced at 2300 five dollars the seventhgeneration x1 carbon is still one of the go-to laptops for business professionalsand a favorite of anyone looking fo,


Power from an ultra portable laptop it’sone of the lightest laptops on the market that can deliver exceptionalperformance with plenty of power under the hood now with 4k Ultra HD itdefinitely sets itself ahead of the pack as a premium laptop if you’re jumpingfrom one meeting to another or hitting local spots between classes you’llappreciate that the seventh gen is even lighter and even thinner than theprevious version making it truly an ultra portable laptop that’s designed togo where you go you’ll love the stunning 4k ultra HD display that’s bright andcolorful without being oversaturated if you’re a creative professional you’llalso love.


The Adobe RGB color space and its 4k Dolby vision compliant with afull 10 bit color panel and great support for HDR but if you need a littlemore performance you’ll want to stick with the ThinkPad x1 extreme gen to thesound system has also been redesigned to enhance the audio experience with 4Dolby Atmos speakers with 2 tweeters that fire up while the two woofers firedown you’ll get minimal Distortion with crisp eyes good midsand some solid bass the key features are under the hood core i7 86 65 you with Vpro quad cores with 8 megabytes cache Intel Ultra HD graphics 6 2016 gigabytesRAM.


And a one terabyte nvme SSD display gorgeous 4k display with HDR and Dolbyvision compliant the pros are portability ultra compact and extremelylightweight excellent keyboard and touchpad spill resistant sculpted keysresponsive with deep travel sound impressive sound quality that’s beenredesigned with 4 Dolby Atmos speakers security comes with a fingerprint readerand facial recognition and for the cons no touchscreen no touch support batterydrain display kills battery life if you’re a professional looking for thepinnacle business laptop.


Then the Lenovo ThinkPad x1 carbon may be the perfectlaptop for you it’s ultra compact and extremely light so you can easily takeit anywhere and has more than enough power to get you through your workdayalright guys that’s all for now if you enjoy this video please go ahead andleave a like if you’re new to the channel and you liked the video considersubscribing we do our best to keep you up to date with the best products on themarket right now so if you want to stay current regarding the best gear makesure to hit that subscribe button be sure to check out the description forlinks to find the most up-to-date pricing on all the products mentioned inthis video hope you all have a great day and we’ll see you back here soon for thenext post.


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