smartphone sales are declining with eachpassing year we’re seeing major brands like Samsung and Apple decline in salesof their smartphones every single year now this is because these companiesdon’t understand how the smartphone market works I’m DK and here’s how thesmartphone market really works now I’ll be taking this from two differentaspects the view of the average consumer and the community.


We live in todayyou see big tech companies spend a lot of money innovating they don’t reallyknow what the average consumer want in the smartphonethey end up making smartphones that feel like they were made for Youtubers toreview embracing and making features that the average consumer would barelyuse while drastically increasing the price Samsung’s second quarter earnings fellby over 50% Due to slow sales of the galaxy s10 while they recordedincrease of their Galaxy A-series which aremid-range devices that feature packed.


And affordable the iPhone XR was thebest-selling phone of 2018 and Google recorded doubled sales of your mid-rangephone pixel 3a now the reason why these phones sold better than their flagshipis because they have exactly what the average consumer care about in a smartphone at a cheaper price point they have good display good camera especially forthe Pixel 3a and good battery with an okay performance now this takesus to number two the community we live in the truth is no one wants tobuy $1000 smartphone every single year.


I have a friend who’s been using the note 8since it was released and another using the Note 9 with no plans to upgradeanytime soon this is pretty much the same with users from all over the worldas they are likely to keep using their current smartphones than upgrade to thenew ones now this is one issue smartphone companies tackle very wronglysmartphone companies tackle this very wrongly by bringing on cheekyinnovations and design change but the truth is the tech community the ones that’sgoing to be buying your smartphones they don’t care about these features anddesign changes the truth is they don’t care if your phone can wirelessly powershare to other devices they don’t care the screen to body ratio of the smartphone they don’t even mind the knotch.


Now here’s proof you see in my part ofthe world in Africa there are three most popular smartphone balance no it’s notApple Samsung Huawei it’s Tecno, Infinix and iTel, allthree owned by the Transsions Holding you see Tecno and Infinix makeaffordable smartphone hi-spec while iTel is the king of budget smartphonesin fact they make smartphones that cost as low as 50 US dollars these smartphone brands make smart phones like these and they have improved over the years buthere’s the catch with smartphones like these they have almost no rival exceptthemselves in fact in 2018 Tecno was fifth admired brand in Africathese brands are successful not because they innovate but because they meet theend of the average consumers by delivering smart phones that meet basicrequirements.


And at a cheaper price point look don’t get me wrong hereinnovation is amazing and it brings a lot to be excited about but these dayswhat we’re getting is meaningless innovation there is no real innovationgoing on instead we’re seeing pop-up cameras, flip cameras we’re seeing waterfall displays Air Gestures on the s-pen and just meaningless innovation that the average consumer doesn’t even care about if you’re goingto innovate at least make it worth the moneylike the Pixel 4 for example can’t wait to see how that turns out by the way longstory short John Prosser was right when he said thesmartphone market doesn’t need innovation it needs compromise theS10 family proves it all they had design change they had better processorthey had wireless power share they have so many cool features but they didn’tsell quite as well as Samsung had expected.


I repeatand I quote the smartphone market doesn’t need innovationit needs compromise anyway guys let us know what you think about this videosubscribe hit the notification icon leave us a thumbs up this is TechLately see you next time.


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