Penny with SwissWatchExpo. Today, I’m looking at these two fabulous 31millimeter Rolex lady Datejusts. These two, I chose because they illustratethe subtle differences between these two different generations. This one on the right is a slightly oldermodel with a five digit model number. And the one on the left is a slightly morecontemporary piece with a six digit model number. The bracelets are slightly different in termsof flexibility.


This one is a little bit more flexible justbecause the way that they constructed the bracelets are different. The lugs are also a little bit thicker onthe more modern piece and they are high polished finished as opposed to a brushed finish theway that the Jubilee bracelet sits and blends into the case is also different. And I think that the fluted bezel is a littlebit deeper on the more contemporary piece as well as you can see, these are both stillfabulous looking pieces.


The slightly older one has a more creamy motherof Pearl dial, which I actually really like. I love how the striations, how you can reallysee it from an angle. I think that’s really beautiful. The one on the left is a little bit more texturedright off the bat, but it’s got a cooler tone. Overall, both are great choices. I think that the slightly more modern oneis better for people who love that really shiny look who want the light to really reflectoff of all of the surfaces of the watch.


And the one that’s slightly older is for peoplewho kind of want a more subdued piece. They both look very similar on the wrist,but they’re both great pieces. And I think that these would look fabulouson your wrist. So if you are looking at the differences betweenthese two watches, give us a call or shop on our website at We have tons of great choices in stock rightnow, and ready to ship today, at


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