Hey guys, welcome to today’spost. Really quickly, we’re going to be talking abouteverything you need to know, which is a very much aboutcanons, 2021 ESR models. So this was kind of vaguely announced, just put on our radar by Canon rumorsand so the information we’ll be covering will be coming straight from that website. So recently it was unofficially announcedthat cannon will be releasing to ESR bodies in 2021 so that’s going to be nextyear if you’re watching it now in 2020 and initially my reaction waslike, hold on, just wait a second.


We don’t even know fully whatthe candidate [inaudible]and the R six are going to be able to do. So why should we careabout these cameras in 2021 like Canon, focus on getting back your customers,those who have gone to Sony, those who have gone to Fuji or evenPanasonic focused on winning those people back with an actual gooddecently specked out camera. And then you can start worryingabout production for 2021 I mean, I’m sure obviously the company needsto focus on years down the road, but before you get crazy with the fiveyear plan and tell everyone about it, really focus on like what you’re goingto do now to make sure that you can get some of your customers back.


I don’t know, that’s just how I feelabout the situation. Like hopefully the R five and our sixare going to be fantastic cameras and Canon better not be having us try andhold out for 2020 one’s models because they’ve made a habit out of it. You know, it create excitementfor an upcoming camera. It comes out and it’s not what peopleexpected and then they just repeat that cycle. They create more hype around itand release it. It’s not that fantastic. Um, but hopefully this will end the cycleand us learning that two more bodies will be released in 2021 under the ESR linewill not be hung over our heads to wait out for Canon.


But hopefully that wait is over with theESR five and our six CS and that these new, our bodies will just be thrown in theline to supplement and really complete rounding off the CanonEOS revolution series. And of course as tech evolves, this is never going to bea finished product line. It’ll either one day just becomeirrelevant or cannon will just have to continually update because tech isgoing to increase exponentially. The things that small mirror-less hybridcameras are capable of and Canon’s gonna stay with the curve.


So it is good to hear that in 2020 and2021 Kevin’s going to be continuing to throw more bodies at us cause that reallyshows that they’re dedicated to making sure that this product line isat the tip top that it can be at. So what can we expect from thesetwo new bodies in 2021 well, there’s not very much informationabout it currently. Um, but there are a few speculationsof what these cameras will be, who they’ll be marketed towards and whatthey’re going to be able to ultimately do for you. One thought is that one of the bodieswill be kind of a high resolution, high megapixel ESR, five kind of like what Canon did for theEOS are a making a geared towards Astro photographers. Cannon took the sensor oriented it towardsbetter performance for that type of photography.


I predict that the highmegapixel [inaudible] willjust be a different sensor that will have a lot more megapixels andwon’t be geared towards videographers like the RFID will be moretowards still shooters, so getting professional photos with highmegapixels and hopefully a really fast shooting speed. So sportsphotographers can really enjoy this. That is just my prediction. Although one downside with having superhigh megapixel cameras is that they tend to not, they tend to come upshort in low light performance.


So the noise that you see the ISO grainis subject to be worse in cameras that have higher megapixel sensors as opposedto ones with fewer megapixels like the one DX line and stuff like that. Highmegapixels you can crop in a ton, you get really good quality for eachindividual pixel depending on the sensor. That’s not an actual guarantee.Generally speaking and lower megapixels, you have fewer to work with.So the more you crop in, the less detail you will potentially have, but it can perform better in low light.And as I kind of briefly said before,


I think these cameras are going to begeared very specifically towards a select group of individuals or consumerswho would want to buy this camera, these cameras. So the ESR is going to be potentiallyreplaced by the [inaudible], not directly, but if you’re looking atwhere it’s predicted to be priced, uh, and some of the specs that it’s goingto be having you come to the logical conclusion that can and will be prettymuch replaced in the car with the [inaudible]. And since the [inaudible] is geared withincredible video specs and some pretty competent photo capabilities thatis geared more towards professional videographers, not filmmakers becauseCanon still has their cinema line, but videographers that are, you know, maybe shooting weddings or corporateevents, music videos, things like that, it’s going to be gearedtowards pro videographers. So you’ve got the entry level ESR covered, you’ve got the videographerniche and group kind of covered.


So Canon’s got to give some love to thephotographers with that high megapixel camera and also towards the entry-levelreally beginner guys who are looking to buy something maybe a little more capablethan an iOS RP but are trying to spend a lot more money. And of course we are looking for that[inaudible] coming in the future to replace the one DX line. But withthe [inaudible] on the horizon, it’s very likely that Canon’sgonna push this one of the future. And especially since the one DX Markthree being pretty recently released is still a thing.


So Canon’s gonna want people to buy thatcamera as well so it doesn’t make sense for them to kill off the DSLRversion of the one series. They’ll probably give itat least a couple of years. So in addition to thathigh megapixel camera, expect to maybe see an ERP replacement, perhaps named an R nine who knows? Butit should be priced pretty similarly. A little bit over athousand dollars probably. And specs wise we are going to beseeing improvements from the RP, whether that’s in dynamic range inmegapixels and video resolution giving us auto-focus for the 4k potentially.I wouldn’t be surprised.


However if ERP replacement had a 4kcrop just because that does seem kind of like a more premium feature that youwould get from a more highly priced, a full frame mirrorlesscamera, but who knows. Canon could surprise us and they couldgive us a little bit more bang for our buck since we’ve been deprivedthat for quite a few years, but I’m very excited to what these nexttwo years are going to bring as far as cameras releases and just whatCanon has up their sleeves. Let me guys know in the comment sectionbelow what you think these two cameras could be capable of orwhat they could be named. It’s exciting to just talk rumors andjust so that there’s no question about it. I’m not an expert.


I amnot a Canon affiliate. I don’t know anyone within the company.I just like looking at rumor sites, creating a space to have conversationabout what you guys might think, and ultimately, once thecamera’s actually released, it’s like opening up a Christmas presentafter spending a ton of time looking at researching through anddeveloping a Christmas list. It’s just a lot of fun and I enjoy it. Thanks guys so much for watchingand we’ll see you in the next video. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share this video and check outmy Patrion page if you’re into that. We’ll see y’all later. [inaudible].


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