Jana here together with your weekly Dashboard, by Monolith.Last episode we got all sci-fi with Neuralink breakthroughs, Intel changing up their chipgame and a few terrific news for terabyte storage in laptops. For a less cryptic rundown, you would possibly also just jump back every week by clicking this link HERE Today we’re getting to geta blast from the past, sign up on crypto mining activity and well… we’re goingto “Learn” DEEP …so, let’s stir up the Dashboard. Spoiler alert, my old phone is back and betterthan ever. Motorola announced their rework of their RAZR 2020, flip smartphone. Thanksto the engineers at Motorola, they’ve smoothed out a number of the kinks from the 2019 version,one of the most important being that now the phone is flush when it’s folded… shouldn’tit be called a fold phone? Additionally, this remake features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset for 5G connectivity, better storage and RAM, a rear camera up to 48megapixels,a small increase on the battery and mini-view preview features for photos. Besides thoseupgrades, there’s not an excessive amount of to report for this $1400 USD unit.


It still features a 6.2-inchPlastic OLED (POLED) and customers aren’t so sure that the folding parts of the phonehave been reinforced to avoid wear and tear. Besides shaving down it’s notorious “fatchin” there aren’t too many visible changes For these upgrades, engineershad to try to to tons of rearranging under the hood. one among the advantages of that employment is that theRAZR not smacks shut and is generally quieter to work . It costs a reasonably pennybut this remake seems to refine critiqued features from the primary version. At leastit seems to be making the phone a more viable option for the wireless peanut gallery forwhen it’s released later this year. At a private level I’m pretty choked. Back inthe day the louder it smacked and therefore the brighter the fuschia, the more badass it had been . Like… sending a secret text message… then you hear a phone smack.


Pretty passive aggressive, Pretty cool moving on. And did you recognize that for just over ⅓ theprice of a RAZR, the Xbox Series X might be yours. You heard me right, starting November10th this deluxe unit will continue sale for one easy payment of $499, that’s right $499USD. But wait there’s more! altogether seriousness, the corporate has announced thepricing for the Series X and lots of are relieved. Starting September 22nd, players can preorderboth the Xbox Series X straight up for $499 and/or the Series S for $299. If you’re a part of the Microsoft all access program you’ll even get a payment plan for no upfrontcost! Pretty slick system and a reasonably reasonable pierce tag considering the specs. It’s likethe longer I had to attend the more I assumed it might cost. But i’m really happy that’s not the case. Lucky for us nervous fans wenow get to attend for Sony to announce their pricing for the PS5, but with Microsoft’sannouncement we will feel a touch safer that the worth won’t stray too much… right? Don’t forget to urge within the Xbox cue or check in for Microsoft Access so you’re ready when September 22nd rolls around.


Staying within the realm of gaming, Nvidia issharing their Deep Learning Super Sampling knowledge with the VR class of 2020. DLSS technology increases rendering efficiency by cramming in the maximum amount detail because it can intoeach frame. It increases the resolution, using smaller frames and enlarging it “intelligently” This Nvidia technology is may more efficient as compared to nativelyrendering at similar resolutions. By leveraging hardware accelerated AI operations in Nvidia’s RTX GPUs, resolution is increased after being analyzed and restructured into high-res. Essentially this technology is all about rendering efficiency, in order that more processing power is availablefor the graphics, lighting, textures and increased frame rate. in comparison to natively renderedcontent, DLSS provides an almost equal quality experience by boosting the resolution of thein focus graphics on the fly and in real time and effectively under rendering out of focusgraphics. It’s already available within the RTX 2000 series and in leaked benchmarks isshowing incredible 4k performance gains within the 3000 series. Is it too good to be true?Or is this…


Well guys, after what looks like an eternity AMD has released the kraken- I mean announced the launches of their monster of a CPU, the Zen 3 for October 8 and their“Big Navi” GPU for October 28. So here is what we all know so far… The Zen 3 is builtlike a beast, supported an enhanced TSMC 7nm node, either N7P or N7+, that specialize in remarkableincreases in IPC performance because of improvements to L1-L3 caches and who knows, maybe evenan increase in cache capacity. Probably an honest thing because this architecture willpower AMDs full line from next-gen chips moving forward, just like the Ryzen 4000 Vermeerfor desktop, the Ryzen 5000 laptop chips and therefore the EPYC Milan processors. Go Lisa- who’s your uncle? For complete specsyou’ll need to hang tight until the October 8th launch date… so see you there at 10amPT. Similarly to the Zen 3, the RX 6000 serieswill run with the newest TSMC 7nm node with almost a 50% performance for watt improvementover the RX 5000. Some are wondering if this shift is supposed to pivot them into the ring to compete against Nvidia’s higher market offerings just like the RTX 3080. With theirRX 5700 XT, they’ve been sitting comfortably within the mid-market spot for best graphics cards.With shifts to their production, AMD has far less trouble with manufacturing than Intel. Interesting i’m wondering how they are doing that? It’s quite risky business immediately but sometimes you only gotta say“what the heck”….


What the heck. Thanks Tom. Alright so if anyone was on the market forNvidia’s GeForce RTX 30-series (or Ampere for the common humans), you better be quick.These amazing new graphics cards are now getting used by Chinese crypto miners who have movedon from AMD’s Radeon graphics cards which previously dominated the scene. Apparentlyit’s hashrate is 3-4 times that of the RTX 2080 which is 35-40 megahash/second dependingon the seller . Even the Ti has got to make an enormous effort to interrupt the 50 megahash mark. Without getting too deep into the economics side… better hardware means a far better return on investmentand more profitability when mining things like Ethereum. What this suggests for you guys,is that these products may get eaten alive on the market and there’ll be fewer graphicscards for gaming.. Which is really what they’re alleged to be used for.


I mean it’s creative… it’s verry irritating, but it’s creative. Here’s an idea- why don’t they dive randomly into Twitch streams and donate millions for philanthropy? Philanthropy…Very generous. If you guys haven’t seen our flex build videoon MonoVlog from last week, then inspect the link. For video editing, game design,or anything digital creation we build some pretty *&@#*& systems. Checkout our website at monolithgroup.ca to find out more. CodeRed giveaway anyone? I shouldn’t haveto keep reminding you… but you guys interest me so here it’s . All-Apps package of AdobeCreative Cloud for 1 Full Year. Don’t miss an episode of Dashboard by liking this videoand subscribing to our channel. you recognize the deal Find us on social and on our website Monolithgroup.ca. Yes exactly. I’m Jana, this is often Dashboard and I’ll seeyou next week.


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