Hi guys Here comes the DTX Smartwatch The latest type of DT series In this video I will review it from design, size, features, pairing and handson Make sure you guys have subscribed to the channel Because there are still lots of cool smartwatchesI will review Definitely at an affordable price I am Freddy And let’s get started We look at the packaging DT specialties with white box and imagesSmartwatch This smartwatch is the most requested Because the display size is quite large For the price I got 375,000 on postage or abroad the price is around $ 24 Yes it looks like this We will see the contents of the box There is a user manual By using the FITCLOUDPRO app Usually there is an additional watchface in this app This app is usually watchface many choices Then there is the 2 pin magnet charger cable And this strap is separate I chose the stainless steel milanese model This is the spring bar Ok we put the strap first Magnetic model similar to Lemfo H6 Pro Yes like this if you have attached the straphis Look cool and stylish For the display size 1.78 inch Bigger than Q99 and Iwo max 2.0 Yesterday I reviewed We see on the right side there is 1 button Its functions are for power,


On off and back Case material is like from Alloy Doff black For the edge of the screen also uses2.5D glass Like in DT35 In the backcase made of plastic There is a magnet charger pin and heartrate sensor Ok we turn it on By pressing this power button and hold it Many language choices are here Except Indonesia Hi DT request, Indonesian I choose this English the screen is really nice to look at He uses the Retina Hd display With a resolution of 420×485 Pixels and 326 ppi For CPUs using RTK8762 Bluetooth is 5.0 It must have been saving power .. As well as waterproof ip68 We slide down to the Brightness setting Looks cool Stay on the slide² Here there is DND, battery indicator In the style menu there are 2 choices Here are the settings For vibration we can set In the battery section we can also activate itpower saving mode Slide up to see notifications Slide right There are many menu choices Slide left To see data steps, kcal and distance Change watchface as usual touch and hold Here are 5 watchface options We will see again in the app In this sports section There are 8 sports features Like this it looks For heartrate to run dynamically Blood pressure is cool too He walks dynamically too Blood oxygen also runs dynamically,


Great There’s also ECG here goes dynamically too There is sleep data Control music Stopwatch The timer looks cool When I use my small braids The strap doesn’t fit too big The size of the lug strap is 20mm can be replaced with another strap In the case it looks right and it’s notthick Because the diameter is only 38mm Case height is 51.4 mm Pretty big enough Its thickness is 10.7 mm Including thin well for the size of the Smartwatch And this DTX Smartwatch is also not heavy Only 62.6 grams Suitable for use in daily activities Ok, now we download the FITCLOUDPRO app in Playstore For pairing, click device Then add the device Search and find Yes, it looks like this We will see that in this dial setting 12 is availableadditional watchface Ok, I’ll try one of these Synchronization is quite long Have to be patient For remote cameras,


Just shake it on the Smartwatchhis He can also be connected to Google fit To display WhatsApp notifications like inthis Phone notifications come in like this Ok, the conclusion is the DTX Smartwatch is enoughrecommended From its large 1.78 inch screen With Retina Hd display The size is also still suitable for small arms Because the diameter is only 38mm wide The screen is also quite responsive Build quality is also good, quite solid The button is very click And the important price is only 300 thousand For standard batteries It’s been only 2 days down The disadvantage in my opinion is in the straphis Feel less in accordance with his Case But it doesn’t matter, it can be replaced with a modelanother one Ok, this is the first that I can share If there is something unclear, you can ask atcomment or just go directly to Instagram @fredy_us Thank you very much for watching I am Freddy And see you next video.


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