The Galaxy S21 is going to be a very interestingdevice next year for a few reasons. It could be the first Galaxy S handset toget the S Pen support, the S21 Ultra may not have a dedicated S Pen slot but it can supportthe S Pen functionality. Galaxy S21 also marks the year Samsung isgoing to change the way Exynos chipset works which means it could be more competitive againstQualcomm’s solution. The S21 could also be the first mainstreamhandset to get coveted under-display camera technology. Speaking of the under-display tech, Ice Universetweeted that Samsung’s under-display tech is much better and much ahead of other solutionsfrom Chinese companies.


Samsung also has a very strict requirementas in the camera quality has to be as good as the normal front-facing cameras if notbetter. As for the last bit of his tweet, he saysWhen the two meet, the under-screen camera of the Galaxy S21 is in Schrodinger’s catstate. For those of you who don’t know, Schrodinger’scat experiment is a thought experiment by a physicist Schrodinger where he imaginesa cat in a sealed box with a device that has a 50% chance of k**ling the cat in an hour. After an hour he asks what is the state ofthe cat, common sense suggests it’s either alive or not alive. But Schrodinger says according to quantumphysics the moment before you open the box the cat is equal parts alive and de*d at thevery same time. It’s only when the box is open we get to knowwhether it’s actually alive or de*d.


I know it sounds absurd. But the point Ice Universe is trying to makeis that under-display camera tech on the Galaxy S21 is happening and not happening at thesame time. It’s only when we open the box we get to knowits definite state. Basically for now there’s a 50 – 50 chancefor the under-display camera tech to appear on the Galaxy S21. Even Ross Young who said last time that theS21 won’t have the under-display camera now says there’s a 50-50 chance for the S21 tohave it. If not S21 then Z Fold 3 will surely haveit. Xiaomi recently showcased its 3rd gen under-displaycamera phone and showed this camera sample which looks as good as the normal front camera. And even said that commercial Xiaomi phonesusing this tech will be available starting next year. But Ice Universe is saying Samsung’s implementationis better than Xiaomi.


Right now the biggest hurdle for OEMs is thatother than improving the camera quality the also need to lessen the appearance of thecamera when not in use. As you can see here, ZTE’s camera looks worsein white background, although Xiaomi’s implementation is a lot better you can still see it. Samsung for sure will make it non-existantbefore implementing on their device and if they can’t do it in time for the S21 thenthey will not implement it and that’s what Ice Universe mentions in his tweet. So since the performance gap between Exynosand Snapdragon has increased considerably over these couple of years. That kinda gave Qualcomm the leverage to increasethe prices of their chips. The Snapdragon 865+ on the Note 20 Ultra isthe most expensive component in the handset costing nearly $150 when the whole handsettakes about $550 to make.


But next year Samsung is going to use it fortheir advantage, they’re going to attack Qualcomm on two fronts. They will make it perform competitively byusing stock ARM cores and ditching mangoos cores and second they are going lower theprice of the Exynos 1000 which has been codenamed Olympus. So other OEMs also consider using Exynos chipsetswhich in turn will increase their market share. Of course with that being said, for all thelatest updates on the Galaxy S21 please be sure to subscribe and as always I’ll see youtomorrow…Peace out!


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