Today, we’re going to be talking about thetop 10 most expensive watches in the world for 2020. Let’s do it. At number 10, we have the Patek Philippe 2523. This watch sold for $9 million at auction. Now, guys, don’t get me wrong. I love Patek Philippe, and I love their WorldTimers, but this watch with these kind of weird-looking hands and Roman numeral section,the middle of the World Time, I’m not going to lie to you, guys, it’s like someone tookan ugly stick and smacked a normal Patek Philippe World Timer with it. It’s not the most beautiful watch in my opinion,but that blue dial is very, very rare, so it does have that in its favor. At number nine, we have another Patek Philippe,the 1518 reference. Now, this watch is a perpetual calendar, andit’s in stainless steel. This watch, they made around 280 of them. Most of them were made in precious metal,pink gold and yellow gold. The stainless steel ones sold for $11.1 millionat auction in 2016, so this is a really rare Patek Philippe. Unlike that World Timer, I really like thedesign of this watch.


It’s a classic moon phase setup, and it’sabsolutely stunning. Coming in at number eight, we have the RolexDaytona Paul Newman. 6239 is the reference. Now, this watch sold live on auction. I literally watched the watch sell for $17.2million. Guys, this is one of the most legendary vintageRolexes on the market and to me it’s one of the most attractive Daytonas you can buy. Now, on the watch, it’s really cool, his wifeactually engraved “Drive slowly, Paul.” That’s something that’s kind of cool, in thesense that she engraved it, and it’s unique to Paul Newman. He wore it himself, and because of that, it’sso valuable. He was an iconic actor at the time, and thiswatch is his legacy. At number seven we have the Jacob & Co BillionairesWatch. Now, guys, I actually do like Jacob & Co inmost cases, but this watch, let’s not lie to ourselves, it’s [bleeping] hideous. I mean, Jacob & Co looked at what Hublot didwith the Big. Bang. They just put a bunch of diamonds on it.


They saw that watch and we’re like, “You knowwhat? We’re going to just one up them.” This is just a watch flooded with diamonds. Yes, is it a tourbillon? It is, but for $18 million, guys, I mean,you could collect every vintage product in the world. You can have a bunch of vintage Rolexes. You could have the craziest collection ever. Floyd Mayweather has one. You know how he is. He likes to show off. I think this piece was mainly made for peopleto show off, to flex, but to me it is not a real horological piece. At number six we have another Patek Philippe. This particular watch is a pocket watch. It’s known as the Patek Philippe Henry GravesSupercomp. Basically, this watch, it was made for a bankernamed Henry Graves back in the day. This watch is made out of 922 components,guys. It’s a super complicated Patek Philippe. It took them about three years to design thewatch, just design it, and then to actually make it it took them about five years. This watch has gone through auction many times. It’s a very, very rare Patek Philippe. Now, this, in my opinion, is worth the priceof around $24 million.


This is a piece that has horological valuein the watch industry, and it’s not like that other watch we talked about in number seven. For number five we have the Chopard 201-CaratWatch. Yeah, guys. Danny’s going to pop up a picture of thiswatch. How do you read the [bleeping] time? I mean, can you guys read the time? I can’t read the time on that thing. The watch face is about this big. I don’t know what Chopard was thinking withthis watch. It’s not really a real watch. It’s more like you’re buying the stones, andthat’s about it. I mean, there’s nothing crazy about this watch,except for the fact that it’s a watch that you can’t read the time. You’re better off kind of investing in normaldiamonds, but this watch goes for $25 million, guys, so it makes out list at the number five. Coming in at number four we have the BreguetGrande Complication Marie Antoinette. Now, this lady was the queen of France beforethe French Revolution. She was the last queen actually and Breguet,as we know, the godfather of modern watch making, made this pocket watch for her. It has around 820 components. This watch is super, super rare and supercomplicated. It was made specifically for her, and it wasdefinitely worth the price of $30 million.


This is a watch that currently sits in a museumand is a legend in the watch industry. For number three we have the Patek PhilippeGrandmaster Chime. Now, guys, this watch actually broke the previousrecord of being the most expensive watch sold at auction, $31 million, but it’s a PatekPhilippe, and it’s a very, very complicated one. This watch apparently has never been wornbefore, which is absolutely insane. This is definitely a collectors piece forthe very hardcore. In my opinion, at 31 million, it’s worth it,because as I said before, it’s a Patek Philippe. It’s going to be part of horology historyforever. Number two is the Graff Diamonds Fascination. Well, I don’t know what they were fascinatedwith. Definitely not telling the time, because again,this is a watch you can’t tell the time on, guys. Just buy the diamonds, man. Why are you buying this watch? Just buy the diamonds. Forget about trying to tell the time withthis kind of piece. It’s impossible. Graff is a company I feel like they just … Idon’t know.


They wanted to make a product to help themstand out, get some headline news. Let’s be honest, guys. This watch is insanely ugly, and you shouldnever buy it ever, even if you have the money, and the price is $40 million, so don’t doit. Finally, for number one we have the GraffDiamonds Hallucination. The last one for number two kind of had whitediamonds. This one is like a Candy Crush kind of look. You still can’t read the time, of course. Why would you want to read the time at $55million? No. You wouldn’t want to. Right? Oh. Best part is about the his watch, it has aquartz movement. They don’t really talk about what kind ofquartz movement it is. I’m betting it’s a basic Swiss, quartz movementyou can probably buy for $100 wholesale. Yeah. $55 million, guys. Yeah. Please don’t [bleeping] buy this. Just for a quick laugh, one of my honorablementions is the Hublot Big Bang, flooded with diamonds. Now, this watch was gifted to Jay Z by hiswife in 2012. The retail was $5 million.


Guys, it’s just the basic Hublot Big Bang,just flooded with diamonds. We looked at a list recently in 2020 and thewatch still was listed for $5 million, but this is retail, guys. If you go back to the beginning of the video,we mentioned a bunch of watches that historically have gone up in auction almost every year. In my opinion, probably this watch will hitthe gray market and probably sell for $30,000, guys. Forget that $5 million number. That watch is definitely not worth that. Yeah. Don’t buy that Hublot. Today, we discussed the 10 most expensivewatches in the world, plus an honorable mention from Hublot, but let me know, guys, if youwant me to make fun of more watches and honorable mentions in the future. Let me know in the comments below. Like, comment, and subscribe. Hit that bell notification. I’ll see you guys in the next video.


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