Today we’re taking a look at a photoouting in a beautiful State Park. I went through some of the deep woods. The deep paths in this park. It’s a beautiful area in the summer.What really pulled me in while in those paths taking photos was the actual sounds ofthe birds, the creatures. One especially had a really mystical sound to it. Almost like the Ghibli films if you’ve seen any of those. One of them like Spirited Awayhas that feeling to it… Oh, that’s nice! This path is really nice. With the photography I was using thecanon EOS 30D and the Tamron 18 to 200mm lens. This is a nice fit forthis camera. Good size! Trying to do quick photos here.


I have the camera set to ISO 200. And the shutter speeds, I’m messing around with the most. I’m leavingthe largest apertures, which isn’t great for image quality. But I guess we’ll find outlater… It’s an aps-c lens, aps-c camera. Nice combination! I was curious to see how they would worktogether. Didn’t have any issues. The autofocus isn’t super quick, but itworked well enough most of the time. The 18 to 200 millimeter Tamron lens gave mea huge amount of options with framing subjects…. These little insects know I’mlooking at them. They run away. I did try to take photos of some of theinsects that I saw, but that was pretty challenging with this combination. Again,autofocus wasn’t super quick or accurate to the degree of getting something smallin the frame. But it did work out okay some of the time.I also saw one bird that I was able to get a nice photo of. Back to doing the center and recomposemethod with this camera. It’s just easier…


No touchscreen, it’s more challenging tochange the focus points. There’s a little button on the side here and you use thedial in combination. I’ve been kind of getting a little bit of muscle memoryfor that. Still, it’s kind of challenging. I’m gonna really try to rely on the VCwith this setup. See how it works. I don’t know but we will find out! In situations like this with the meter.You want to probably have it go lower than you would think. You know, thestandard right in the center of the meter. Because you want those highlightsto be saved. And the cameras probably not taking into account completely that brightlight. So… For the b-roll video this time I was using a new device. DJI Osmo Action. I was using it in 2.7k mode with Rocksteady most of the time. And actually I’d liked how the sounds turned out. So I tried to emphasize thatin the video. Give you a feeling of that area. With the photos plus the soundsthat I was hearing at the time.


Walking through the paths, the sound gaveme good inspiration. Plus seeing so many great photo opportunities.Hopefully through the views and the sounds, you can get an idea of how itfelt in there. With this photo outing I wasn’t expecting much. But it got reallyinteresting deep in those paths. The sounds, the sights, all of it together… Impressive thing to see. It’s a really nice view… I’m Scott of Photography Banzai. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please consider subscribing. That helps me out alot. likes and shares help out a lot as well. Thanks again!


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