Hello folks and welcome to the channel My canon 70D camera won’t turn onand so I looked at a bunch of YouTube videos and I thought let me see if I can fix this?… big mistake okay this is my canon 70d cameraand it won’t turn on it’s a very reliable camera it’s never let me downI’ve done thousands of photographs with this and hours and hours ofvideo and according to the battery chargeris battery fully charged but I’ll put the other one on to charge aswell watch what happens to this so I put this one in this itgoes in that’s fully charged according to the chargerturn it on absolutely nothing so the thing that bothered me about this isthat having both batteries go at exactly the same timeI thought was kind of unusual.


And I thought well hope it’s not the camerathat’s busted up because this is an expensive cameraand uh even today it’s a very expensive cameraand so I was hoping that it’s just the batteriesso here’s another one according to the charger it’s fully chargedput that one in dead as a doughnut right nothing absolutely nothing so I’veseen people online on youtube talking about a little microswitch here that maybe this little nub hereisn’t making contact great micro switch and to push that downand it might start the camera well that didn’t work so what I didi bought some replacement batteries same type asthese these are compatible with a canon uh camera I bought them off of amazonand apparently according to all the reviews it gotvery good reviews because buying batteries is a bit of a nightmareso we can do a bit of unboxing therapy hereand let’s see if this works.


I hope it does work because that would be a cheapfix when you hear the price of thesebatteries okay it also comes with a charger Can’t find out where to open it right here’s the two batteriesworldwide travel charger and you can use it on you can charge it on usbfrom your from the mains and from your cigarette lighter in your car and from your laptop ora power bank so these are the batteries there’s the charger okayand they Enegon got a little charger there now hopefully these have come with some charge on them let’s have a look firstimpressions and it feels solid it’s got a littlecase on there okay looking at those they lookalmost identical the plastic is a good quality it’s not cheap plastic it’s agood quality plastic and let’s see if it’s got any juice init this is filmed all in one shop by theway so there’s no jiggery pokery going on nothing now maybe the batteries are flatso let’s see if they need chargingthat’s not a good sign my camera is busted so I’m going to godown to Cambridge and see if I can get itrepaired because i love this camera i’m really happy with this camera here.


I am in Cambridge a bit of a mixed bag people are wearingmasks people not wearing masks bit of a messbut we’re going to find the camera shop now here we are at the camerashop see if we can get this repaired see ifthey’ll let me film in there okay i’ve just asked some owners if Ican film it in they said yeah so let’s go and seesee if we can get this camera fixed hi guys hello how are you doingi’m good there’s my canon 70d and it just stopped working so I thoughtmaybe it’s the batteries maybe you know something like so i’vegot new batteries for it still no good and then obviously I looked on youtubeand they said about the micro switch in hereso when this battery this flap goes down it turns up you know it makes contactand that’s there but so Idid what they said on youtube and i got a toothpick and I stuck it on the microswitch and switched disappeared into the camera and so now it’s not only not working it’s also gota loose micro switch inside there.


But I do love this camera and I wouldlike to get it fixed if it’s possible it’s such a reliable camera usually it’sthe first time has ever let me down so so yeah when you’re looking atyoutube videos take it to a repair shop you know trytrying to fix this stuff yourself these too way too delicate well it was very nice it’s always good adviceto ask shopkeepers and people like that people in the street if you can filmthem it’s just common courtesy and they werecourtious enough and let me do it so that was great butnow the camera’s in there it’s going to getrepaired hopefully and then we’ll see it’s going to be a couple of weeks butdon’t try fixing these cameras yourself because they’re they’re way too delicateand sticking poking you know switches with toothpicksand knives not a good idea so come back to this ina couple of weeks well that was fairly easy going tosee how much that’s going to come to and if it’s more than a couple ofhundred quid it’s not worth getting done you might as well buy a new camerabut ,


I did I am very fond of that old 70d it’s been all over the place for meand it’s a tough old bird but there you go? I’ve just got the estimate for repairfor the canon 70d and it’s going to be 300 pound andwith that it’ll get a whole new motherboard the micro switch will be fixed the battery doorwill be replaced and it will get a one year warranty I saidgo ahead do the repairs and let me know so it’sgoing to be a few weeks before it can be done because we’ve gotto order all the parts and all that kind of thingbut the thing about that camera is it’s very tough it’s a tough old camerait’s been through the wars with me i’ve took it all over the placeand it’s a very reliable camera and fortunately I’ve been given a camera towork with which is this one that I’m talking aboutnow it’s a fujifilm x-pro 2and it’s amazing absolutely the film quality is fantasticbut i’ve got to learn the whole new camera now but that’s okay that’s no problem but I’ll show you what it looks likeit’s not a new camera it’s been around for about four years nowwell there’s the camera and you can see it’s got face tracking on here and allkinds of stuff same stuff as the canon I’ll do an update video when thecanon 70d is repaired and I’ll let you knowhow things went and.


I will be doing more warzone videosI will be doing more guitar videos and I’m doing camera videos as well bythe look of things because that’s life right I do all different kinds of thingsand that’s what I record so that’s what I put onyoutube and thank you to my long sufferingsubscribers because they don’t know what they’re going toget next but I suppose that’s part of fun of the fair isn’t it? thanks again for watching and I’ll see you next time bye now


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