But I just need to warn you. When I do things, I go all in. My friendship with Niko’s on the line. Three! Two! One! Now what I love about this shot is that you can’t really tell that I’m holding a camera! You might have even thought that this was a drone shot, whereas in reality, this is just simply a 360 camera. It’s called the Insta360 One, and it’s just on a little selfie stick. What this allows you to get are some really interesting and unique angles, because you can stabilize the image, and do crazy stuff like this! whoa oh god It’s pretty sweet right now the other day we were shooting an archery challenge on one wheels and at the end of the whole shoot on a whim I decided to put this on a bow and I just fired the entire camera selfie stick and off right up into The air and accidentally got one of coolest shots I’d ever seen before and I instantly knew I’ve got to do more of this and I got to take this to the next level I got to get the most extreme shots I can.


So in today’s video We’re gonna kit this out and make this a proper 360 camera on an arrow See how insane of a shot that we can get. Let’s get to it. Now you might be wondering how exactly does this work why can’t the camera see the stick you might be asking yourself Did I paint the stick out? How did I remove it in post? turns out the answer is so much simpler than that because I didn’t do any work the camera just Literally can’t see this because it’s in the blind spot of the camera and this stick is just perfectly in the center of that Am I blowing you’re mind right now Sam? Nah, I knew all this. *laughing* Here’s the cool 360 arrow shot is an arrow that flies across the whole world and it goes like this into someone’s mouth Like that Someone just catches it and go’s down like Now the problem I can already see is the fact that I’m gonna be placing this camera in severe danger Because we have to catch it and if we don’t it will break.


I know it will break because we’ve done it before Noooo… So there’s a couple mods that I actually want to make to this whole rig here to help make it easier to shoot and also safer for the cameras life. So, this is the very first Insta-360 One camera that we got here. I was writing my 1 wheel when it gave out on me. And so I ended up breaking the Insta-360 camera as you can see here. Here specifically was the design problem. It’s a plastic quarter inch screw mount here and when it hit a tree, this thing just busted off right here. This is a stress concentration right here. this braking here probably actually saved the rest of the camera because this just broke off and that acted as a bit of like a airbag so I’m gonna try to actually design some little part here to act as an In-between for the stick and the camera so that if it does fall, that mount itself will break before the camera.


So ideally I can just print another mount to replace it, the camera still continues to work, and we’re still able to pop off shots. Now the second bit is actually less for peace of mind and more for actual functionality because This is just a wide flat spot here and the string kept slipping around it, you know like this So I’m gonna also try to design just a little 3D printed notch that the string can sit in and won’t go off the sides. Final print is done. I’m going to try to remove this last piece here. Now, let’s see if this actually worked. I Think it’s a fit, and… It did! It fit perfectly. Check that out! The idea is that this will go right onto the camera and then this will slip right in there. So let’s test that! That.. I mean it’s broken. That worked perfectly! it broke exactly where I thought it would and it didn’t take that much force That’s…


I couldn’t have hoped for a better solution! So we all know that good things come in sets of three – Lord of the Rings movies, Strikes in baseball and give contest. Today, we are announcing the third annual Corridor crew gift contest. You like that intro? Yeah. That’s right. It’s just started – Okay, the rules are real easy, pick a sweet moment, a sweet shot, Something that you think would make a cool gif, .gif it, and then send it to gifs@corridordigital.com. This year It’s going to be slightly slightly different in that we can only have one submission per person. In the last you’ll you’re able to submit as many gifs as you want. The reason for that is because some of you guys just sent like a lot of low effort gifs. Here at corridor, we are all about high effort art or high effort shitposts. The gif doesn’t have to be from our stuff, It just needs to be Corridor related so you can put our face into something else if you want, or whatever.


Generally speaking, it needs to be Corridor. Okay, just like I think you guys would like this clip from an action movie It’s like no, no, no no. Remember that name is a little bike gift I was a heck of a gift the one That one last year was the invisible bike and that was like now it’s high effort right there That’s why effort so submit your gifts to gifts at corridor digital comm one gift per person Please and with the winner will get what does the winner get Christian? Core digital t-shirt Brand new secret merch Whoa, do we have like a bad gift or two? This is the bad new Ford gets this towel Look forward to seeing the gift from you guys and look forward to seeing those tips from you guys Can’t wait to see them can’t wait looking forward today looking for this thing.


This gets me guys looking for Can’t wait to see those gifts from you guys Keep them keep them up I’ll do nothing that you guys are doing inside a dream about a week ago That Sam broke my bow tripod and Sam’s going up the film with you guys and you’re gonna use my bow So they should let him drive her as much as possible Niko really cares about his bows, so He lends it We must receive the tutorial this belonged to my deceased uncle it’s got sentimental value also Not gonna lie. Like it’s also one of the most stable bows that shot. So here we are at the park It’s time to test the thing now you might be wondering why don’t I have feathers here Well, this thing has enough balance mass that I don’t think we even need it Oh, yeah speaking of which if you have this contraption you can do this to buy 3d printing the pieces that I’ve made a link in the Description so you can download these where I’m thinking on Thingiverse. Yeah. It’s a whole universe of things Is there any special procedure to this? I mean, not really and I say we just start small and work our way up Okay, you guys ready? Test number one Ready I’m gonna go straight up but it’s gonna go that way Second tests already broken it It’s rural doing it But it’s the camera still rolling. Look at this green.


It was the pressure It like that was something I actually worried about cool So we learned something very important from that and that was just the simple act of catching it Still introduced enough shock to break this thing So I’m gonna try to remedy that by just putting a little bit more gaff tape around it Okay an easy way to help make this go a little bit more powerful is to put a second string on it Maybe it won’t do much but maybe a little maybe it’ll add something. So I’m just gonna put a second string on I don’t think you’re ever supposed to actually do this I promise I won’t break it this time the way to do that then is to catch it with as much like gotta catch it like an Egg yeah be like cheese. I Just want to see that bow shatter and rinse Here goes the test check out the shop from an era Camera broke again The same exact thing happened dang,


I wonder if that means I just gotta make that piece stronger problem Is that design a little thicker? You want to shoot it? Yeah, I’d love to shoot it I just need to warn you when I do things I go all in you’re gonna pull it back all the way So I’m going to shoot it over this tree here I’m gonna shoot it over the street and it’s just gonna keep going. You know, what Sam? I hope you’re right So then we can do the bigger tree. We’re gonna see how big we can go and then go bigger All right, here we go all the way never hold back. I’m just worried that I’m gonna pull it back I’m just gonna like get clipped on something and won’t fly all the way, but we’ll see. All right, here we go I’m aiming for Jake Oh boy Alright that was 99% Still rolling though cameras still rolling. I think snapped like a toothpick son.


I Here’s the thing. I have to admit I want 75% blast not full blast I was like pulling back more and more and more and more and more and I started to get into A point I was like if I pull too hard my friendship with Niko’s on the line Jake I need you so you need me to stand on the edge and then take the final leap I’m going to shoot it competently in a manner that I think will result in the best i have too pee Alright, this is our last piece if this breaks this is our last shot today, it’s not gonna break I don’t know if Niko’s bow is gonna survive this but you’re gonna go to 100% right? I refuse from answering that question Dovie is with us and I hope that this goes well I’m gonna go full ham this time. You’re supposed to do that this time. I didn’t know dude I didn’t want to break Niko’s bow and have him hate me forever. All right ready? Good I always kill a bird.


Let’s go again. Oh man, that is This thing’s still rolling. I’m gonna try shooting it over that tree right there I’m just gonna try to shoot this thing as hard as I can I’m going straight through light a little gap in the tree here. Alright here goes nothing. Oh No The very climb level it that went a hundred percent on you and 99 I walked That’s so high Why don’t we just wiggle the tree and see if it falls? No climb up a little bit. This is the real fun in the video. This is the real content Teamwork a theme of content creators of No Boundaries Hi, my name is Sam Gorski co-founder of quarter digital and we’re a team of content creators with no boundaries you easily could have just said your own name there and Stick hit the lens You shouldn’t go higher it starts to like be legit dangerous No, you’re doing a great job shaking it no no no no, you’re you’re wiggling is working we could give him nico’s bow Looks like you’re about ten feet from its tell Neko stuff Gonna see you back down here nice and safe at the end of this Rich J.


Subscribe Don’t worry we’re here to catch you just watch out for these concrete pillars Hey, man, I can’t believe this What’s your head’s boys Drop one piece. Oh Well that bonus points It’s been an interesting day. The camera was still blue. There’s some hardcore scratches on this. Did you stop the camera? No? No, no, no silencing no that’s redacted redacted. No, that’s that’s from us us And by us Sam, how dare you? Exempt yourself from culpability here. Nothing happens in my hands What you do? It’s just it busted up the wood a little bit right here when the heavy back end of the wait You broke nicos bow. I Did not break his bow scale from 1 to broken. It’s like a three no in hindsight What we should have done was wrap each of these little notches into a bit of gaff tape to help smooth it out Cuz I think this is actually what cut and damaged the boat these little notches here I mean, he’s not gonna be happy about that. No, he’s not.


He’s not gonna be happy about that How do we make him happy about it? We all admit that we got a great shot in the process So Neko some good news, I think we got some pretty sweet shots. Yeah But I think the camera did that to To the bow was that that like that before That that bit of no this wasn’t all shoot up like that and splintered. Okay I think we can fix it If we Dunkle’s botanist if I’m saying the work that if we just put some lacquer on it I think it will all just kind of like nicely Crease back into there. Okay All right, yeah I hope you can fix it. Yeah, I do too. We were using caution and care It’s not like we just were like slinging arrows out of there like without paying attention to that I think it was just with the way that the Collapsible part. Yeah, I like the collapsible parts. I think ran along there and then chewed it So yeah, we’ll get some lacquer and see if we can fix it So that happened I always feel kind of bad when we like break our friends and stuff especially really nice bows from dead Uncle’s so sorry Nico. I feel bad.

I was really happy with the results that we were getting So I went ahead and actually went back out we ended up getting another idea What if we actually put the arrow with the camera and fired both of those things at the same time? You can actually see the arrow flying through the air from the arrows perspective But you know what from my chit chat we have a whole montage of all those sweet shots we got throughout this whole video now You know, I got it Coming up probably good grammar intact, the camera seems to be working just fine. No scratches. Ooh Yeah, no scratches on the lenses I Think the arrow was placed just fine. I think we should be able to see that.


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