This is the acer nitro 5. it’s acer’sentry-level 15-inch gaming laptop and it’s targeted towards gamers who arelooking for the best specs without breaking the bankin fact it’s cheaper than the famous helios 300 lineup andit competes directly with msi’s bravo 15 and the dell g515senow i’m typically not really excited about budget gaming notebooks or ihaven’t been excited lately because i took a look at the msibravo 15 and the dell g515sc those laptops had some serious issuesand i just couldn’t recommend them entirely uh but there are a lot of greatthings to like about this laptop and that’s because it’s got an rtx 2060 andit only costs about a thousand dollars which isactually a really good deal in my opinion uh the build quality is alsoreally good for the price of surprise by a lot of factorsbut given that it still has a lot of great specs there are certain thingsthat you need to know about before pulling the trigger onthe nitro 5.


As always i’ll make sure to leave timestamps in the description downbelow so that you can get to a particularsegment so without any further ado let’s dive inright after this the razer viper ultimate the lightestand fastest wireless mouse designed for esports with anaccurate focus plus 20k dpi optical sensorrazer hyper speed wireless technology that is 25faster than the competition all packed into lightweight body withoptical mouse switches check it out below alright so acer is offering bothintel and amd options with the nitro 5. the amd model starts at 600 and for thatyou get a ryzen 5 cpu and a gtx 1650 there’s also a 1650 timodel but that goes for about a thousand bucksand honestly that’s a poor value for gamers in my opinionconsidering what else is out there the intel flavor starts at six hundred andfifty dollars and for that you get a quad core 10 gen core i5 processoreggs of ram a 256gb nvme drive and a gtx 1650.


The sample that we have in handcomes with a 9th gen 6 core 12 thread core i7 9750h processor twice the memorythe same amount of storage which really isn’t that much at a time when gamesare starting to eat up at least 150 gigabytes or morea 1080p 144hz display that’s ips according to acer more on that laterand an rtx 2060 for about a thousand fifty usdollars though depending on when you see thisand where you shop that price might be either higher or lower forthose of you who caught the cpu your eyes aren’t deceiving you thislaptop indeed uses an older nine generation cpu and while that mightseem odd acer actually has a pretty good reasonfor this you see as i mentioned earlier this is purely focused towardsgamers so they still decided to offer a 12 for a processor instead of going withone of the most expensive tangent cpus because intel taxesis ridiculous so they decided to save a little bit of money on that forefrontand then maximize the budget towards a faster graphics card which in this caseis an rtx 2060.


This is actually something that we’repushing towards more desktops and notebooks because you know games thesedays are in one way shape or form limited by thegpus so getting something that’s faster is a win-win so the nitro 5 isn’tdesigned to be a superstar in multi-threaded productivity applicationsi would sort of call this the exact opposite of the msi bravo 15even though msi call that failure a gaming notebookits cpu performance was a priority whereas acer’s target here isstrictly gaming now as i mentioned at the beginning the helios lineuplies just above this model and that could cause some overlap sincethere’s a helios 300 that’s about 150 dollarsmore but it comes with a 512gb ssd and a 10gen core i7 cpu if that evergoes on sale it could cause some seriousissues for the nitro 5.


From a physicalstandpoint there is nothing really special about this laptop you canclearly tell that this is indeed a gaming notebook by the looksacer has added a touch of red and black accents here and there butit isn’t overly done in my opinion i really like the blacked out logoat the front it reminded me of doing a chrome delete on my carthe edges have a slightly different texture compared to the centerarea but given that this is an all plastic bodyit easily catches finger oils so keep that in mind it’s very difficult to keepclean for the most part there’s also another thing that i want to bring upyou see this rear ventilation grill right over here this thing is actuallyreally sharp i mean it won’t really cut you buti’m just gonna like glide my hand.


And you can sort of tell thatum it’s not that pleasing it’s very edgy soit’s super it’s really not that comfortable when you’re holding it likethat and just transporting it you knowespecially if you’re taking this thing to schoolor anywhere else uh i think acer could have done something better byimplementing something a little bit low profile because this is like i saidit’s too edgy the hinge is okay there is a little bit of wobble but nothing to beworried about there’s also very less keyboard flexoverall i gotta say this laptop it really surprised me inthe build quality area because when you compare this to say somethinglike the bravo 15 or even the dell g515scacer just knocked it out of the park it’s really good that’s exactly whata budget laptop should feel like in the first placei should also mention that this thing is pretty thincompared to the g515sc so it’s about it’s less than five pounds 4.85 to beexact and it’s only about an inch thick.


So when it comes toportability you shouldn’t have an issue lugging thisthing around the interior space is pretty clean for the most partaside from the red accented keys you are getting a full size layout and i lovehow big the arrow keys are the red accents tend to remove thestealth feeling and stands out a bit moreit is led backlit in red however there are some models offering 4 zone rgblighting it doesn’t get that bright andunfortunately it doesn’t light up consistently as well across all keys sokeep that in mind the wasp and arrow keys are outlined butit’s pretty subtle to differentiate it with the rest of the keysthe keys themselves are really good they are a bit on the mushier side without adistinctive activation point but there is plenty of travel distanceand there’s no key wobble that’s something that.


I did not expectfrom a notebook carrying such a price tagthe trackpad is satisfactory it is a plastic surfacewith support for precision drivers the only issue that i have is thatit’s positioned way too far towards the left hand side of the notebook sothere’s not a lot of room to place your palms your left palms comfortably youcan easily just you know escape i had the same issue with theg515sc i just wished if dell sort of off-centered ita little bit um so that you know you have more room to comfortably place yourwrists but uh yeah other than that it’s it’s decent i wouldn’t say it’s greatyou’re much better off using an external mousei do want to mention the bloatware that acer did pre-install with the nitro 5.there’s a lot of acer management utilities andother pop-up windows that just show up especially with the antivirus programthat’s pre-loaded it gets annoying so you’ll definitelyhave to spend a little bit more time cleaning those upthis is what the webcam looks like and honestly it’spretty good in fact it’s better than the xbase 15 that i checked outrecently the microphone quality is also really goodthere’s no crackling or pop happening.


Which is awesomehonestly i think for a thousand dollar notebookit’s it’s pretty amazing the speakers are bottom facing andthey’re bad like really bad in fact acer did built in some audio profiles withinthe nitro sense app and after playing around with them the onlything i noticed is that it sort of increased the trebleuh and sort of distorted it at certain levelshonestly just get yourself a pair of headphones for a decent multimediaexperience because it’s a thousand dollar laptop taking alook at the i o on the left hand side you get a kensington locklan port hdmi 2.0 usb 3.1 gen1 type c two usb 3.1 type as just keep in mindthat all these ports are gen one five gigabits per secondeven the type c switching over to the rightthere is power in a usb 2.0 port and an audio jacki’m not a fan of the power connector on the right side but acer’s power input isa right angle connector so it does make it less intrusive moving onto the display and this is where things get reallyinteresting so here’s the deal you’re getting a 15.6 inch 1080p screen with arefresh rate of 144 hertz great right and acer claims that.


It isan ips panel that can get as bright as 300 nits my first impressions werepretty poor i mean i was noticing washed out colors not thegreatest view angles thing is when i ran my display analysistest that basically confirmed with thoseimpressions as you can see it only covers66 srgb 49 adobe rgb and 49 dc ip3 so don’t fool yourselfthinking that it’s got an ips display so i can use it for photo editing or videoediting no don’t do it it’s pretty bad also thedisplay only got as far as 280 nits so i never got as far as 300 nits accordingto what acer claims and finally i did experience somebacklit bleed on the top portion of the displayit was a bit concerning especially watching movies and things like that butwhen you’re gaming you shouldn’t be worried about thatspeaking of gaming 144hz it’s welcoming.


I love the fact thatyou’re at least getting a high refresh rate screenacer claims a three millisecond response time but overallit really didn’t stand out as anything specialwhen you get under the hood this notebook reveals a pretty unique lookingcooling assembly with two fans placed right next to each other eventhough the cpu and gpu are supposed to have their own fans according to acer’snitro sense utility the two largest heat pipes are sharedi mean sure there’s a smaller one that runs from the gpu to a secondary heatsink on the notebook’s right-hand side but it’ll be interesting to see if thesetup causes any temperature issues upgrading the nitro5 is prettystraightforward once you get inside you have instant access to the two ramslots maximum supported memory is 32 gigabytesthere are two m.2 slots that are covered with heat sinksone of which is preoccupied by that 256 gig nvme drive and it’s unfortunatelyslow compared to the competition at least for those of you wondering aceris using the hynex bc501 gen 3 ssd.


And it doesn’t have thegreatest specs you can also find a two and a half inchhard drive bay right beneath the n.2 slot acer does include the necessarycables in the box so make sure you find that before tossing out the boxhonestly i’d rather get a bigger battery instead of a 2 9drive bit but that’s just me speaking of battery this thing comes with a 55 watthour cell and with light load use expect seven anda half hours which is quite respectable and if youwatch your consumption it should get you through a day of notetaking or light web browsing heavy load is one of the longer runtimesi’ve seen which is probably because of the lesspower-hungry 9th gen chip remember those cpus tend to be capped at much lowerpower than current 10gen comet like processorsso we’ve already seen what the cooling system is like on the nitro 5.


It’spretty unique and you can control the fans or thecooling system through acer’s nitrosense app it’spretty straightforward where you can set the fan speeds enable cool boost controlthe power plants new temperatures and also set audiooptions as i mentioned earlier through acer’s true harmony which isuseless in my opinion remember the nitro 5 has two fansone for the gpu and one for the cpu through nitrous since they can becontrolled individually through manual inputs or simply left on auto modeon top of that there’s a cool boost setting that increases the maximum rpmsin situations where the fans are forced to run at 100personally i didn’t find cool boosts doing anything since the fans neverreally hit their highest rpm levels in normal testing speaking of cool thesurface temperatures are right in line with some of the cooler runningnotebooks we’ve come across in general the palmerst area thekeyboard.


And most of the bottom don’t get overly warm though there is ahot spot right in the middle that’s pretty muchexpected since this is where there’s an openventilation it’s also great to see most of the heat is directedout the back instead of blasting your mouse hand with hot air what’sincredible is that acer isn’t sacrificing on noise to get those supercool exterior temperatures either even in high performance mode with coolboost enabled this laptop stayed pretty much quiet when compared to manyof the other gaming notebooks that we’ve tested when loading the system up withan all core render the temperatures stay super low butcheck out the clock speed it plunges down to intel’s base clock of2.6 gigahertz and just sits there regardless of howcool the cpu was running i even tried the exact same test withthe fans running at 100 and the frequency didn’t change one bitthere are a couple reasons for this sort of behaviorfirst.


Of all acer is religiously sticking to the 45 watt tdp specfor the 975dh so the package power tends to bottleneck clock speeds regardless ofhow cool the cpu gets many of the notebooks from previousgeneration tend to run their 9750 hs at 50 to 60 wattswhich then resulted in higher frequencies than what we saw here thecurrent generation of notebooks featuring the 10gen core i710 750hs are pretty much similar but i have to wonder why acer isactually doing something like this given thatthe cooling system is more than capable enough to coola pretty higher tdp spec cpu but i think i have a theory maybe acer istrying to sort of separate the performance levels betweenthe nitro series and the helios lineup which is the stepup above this laptop and as we move on tobenchmark results sticking to the minimum intel spechurts cinebench multi-core results especially against the msi gs66 whichhas the 10 750h running at a pretty constant56 watts but check out the single core run in cinebenchit’s pretty obvious acer is targeting one key area .


And that’s why fan speedsincrease more in lightly thread situations as faras other results they’re pretty much the same ascinebench where the cpu is fully loaded so the nitro5 ends up trailing prettymuch everything but then the rtx 2060 and theintegrated graphics can flex its muscles in applicationslike premiere to beat over the tough a15 and almost match the a15 in resolve thenwinrar shows that the nitro’s great lightweight performancecan almost hide how slow its ssd is and i guess on that note it’s time toswitch gears to gaming and with the usual temperatures andclock speeds over time graph you can see that the 9750h turn aroundin a big way the nitro 5 is laser targeted atproviding higher clocks in gaming it’s still running well under 90 degreesbut now the frequency averages out between you know 3.25 gigahertz and3.4 gigahertz moving on to gpu and it maintains clockspeeds that are above nvidia’s spec sheet.


While the core staysunder 80 degrees but how does this compare to othernotebooks well the top a15 also has an rtx 2060and the nitro 5 kept to about the same average 15 50megahertz clock speed but it also stayed a good 70 degreescooler but moving on to actual gaming resultsand it’s so obvious that this laptop is punching above its price here in mostcases it either passes or matches the moreexpensive tough a15 from asus and that’s a reallygood result for notebook that costs about a thousand bucksi have to say when it comes to 1080p gaming the rtx 2060and the i7 970h are a really good combinationfor the price honestly if the prices were the samei’d pick the rtx 2060 with a 90 cpu over a 10 gen and a gtx 1660 tiany day all right so i think it’s time to wrap up this reviewthe acer nitro 5 has surprised me in a lot of ways the first thing is of coursethe price point a thousand dollars.


I think you’re getting a lot for thatmoney the first thing being that gaming performance the rtx 2060 can actuallypush really good frame rates at 1080p you’realso getting a really good build quality with a fantastic keyboard for gaming aswell as typing or making notes as well uh and the battery life is prettyrespectable and you get a lot of upgrade options as well if you want to populateanother m.2 drive or that second to a half inch hard drivewith that being said there are some sacrifices that you’re taking the firstthings of course the display while acer says that it’s ips it’s notcolor accurate so if you’re planning on you know doing photo work orif you’re playing on video editing probably connect an external monitordon’t rely on it it’s not that color accurateand.


I have to admit that the ssd is slow it’s really slow finally there’sbloatwares there’s a lot of bloatware applications pre-installedwhich you might have to just spend some time cleaning that up now if you needmore cpu performance rather than raw gaming horsepower and ofcourse if you need a lot more storage there are a lot of great amd basedalternatives as well so on that note thank you so much for watching i’mactually curious to see how low the price getsespecially for special sales event like black friday boxing name things likethat so keep an eye out for this thank you somuch for watching and i’ll talk to you guysin the next one by the way say hello to hero it’s my new plant in the officehe’s gonna make some some appearances here and there you.


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