Hello and welcome to ReviewsPK! My name is Ameer and this is our unboxing of Oppo A11k, and our quick review. A11K is basically a budget phone by Oppo. Its retail price is Rs 19,000/- in Pakistan. And the phone has launched with a single variant in Pakistan, 2GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. So basically it is an entry level phone. As usual, if you are interested in buying this phone then I am leaving some links in the description below check them out! Our device today is in Deep Blue colour. And if we talk about some takeaway features, then a good camera is given in this phone and there is a decent processor.


Just as we started the unboxing, a pleasant thing came forward, that a silicon protective case also comes along with this phone. And this phone comes with a pre-applied screen protector. We are noticing that both of these things, most brands omit out in this price range. The build of Oppo A11K is of plastic. The back is plastic as well as the frame. Our device today is in this deep blue colour. This phone also comes in silver colour. But this blue colour reminded me of OnePlus 7 Pro. But there is one special thing about this phone, which is rare in this price range, that here, Gorilla Glass 3 protection is given at the front. The back has a matte finish and it has this S-shaped pattern on it, which is made out of very thin lines. When you will hold this phone in your hands, it will feel very small and compact.


This is definitely a plus point for those who want a slim and light phone. Not everyone likes big and heavy phones. In that case, this is a plus point. Along with that, I really found its look to be quite beautiful. This S-shaped pattern, this blue colour and the matte finish back, I think it looks really good. Along with that there is Gorilla Glass 3. Usually in this price range, people appreciate Gorilla Glass very much. If we talk about button placement, there is the phone’s Power & Screen On/Off button on right, whereas volume rockers are present on the left, along with the SIM tray. And at the bottom side, there are the phone’s speaker, micro USB port, mic and a headphone jack. Before moving any further, if you are liking this video then drop a like on it.


And if you are new, then subscribe to our channel and turn on the notifications so that you can be notified of all our latest videos. There is a 6.22 inches IPS LCD Display in Oppo A11K. which has an HD+ resolution, meaning 720 x 1520 The maximum brightness of the display, according to Oppo, is 450 nits. Which means, even in the sun outside, you will not have any issues while using your phone. Over the display, inside this dew drop notch, the phone’s selfie camera is present. If we talk about the size of the display now, then it indeed very small. You can also find 6.5 or 6.6 inches displays in this price range. Which is a good thing for those people who like a big display. But not everyone like big displays,


I know a lot of people who like smaller phones more. And smaller display you indeed get a lower screen real estate. But, smaller display is a lot better for one handed usage. Which means you could easily use this phone with one hand, and you will not have any issues with it. Along with that, display colours and sharpness seemed fine to me. Moving forwards we will talk about the specifications and internals of Oppo A11K. MediaTek Helio P35 chipset is given in the phone along with a Power VR GE8320 GPU. We have seen the same configuration in Rs 20,000/- to Rs 25,000/- or Rs 26,000/- price range as well. So surely, in Rs 19,000/- price range, where we usually see Helio P22 or other processors like that, I consider this thing as a small plus point over there.


For sure, if you want a gaming or high performance phone, in this price range, then better options are available. But if you take a look at the Benchmark results of Helio P35, then you would understand that for your daily usage, your average type of usage, your social media apps, videos and for other things like that, this phone is quite reliable. So if you don’t have a high performance usage, then this phone work great for you. Along with that, as mentioned before, 2GB RAM is given in the phone and there is 32GB EMMC 5.1 storage in it. If we talk about expansion, then phone comes with a full dual SIM support. Which means, two SIMs and a micro SD card can all be inserted altogether.


And another tiny plus point is that, a fingerprint sensor is given at the back of this phone. In this price range, some phones don’t give it but many phones do, as well. So I wouldn’t call it a big plus point. But if we talk about the speed, I found it manageable. The phone was unlocking quite responsively in daily usage. And I didn’t feel any issues here. Moving forwards, if we talk about interface, Oppo A11K comes with Android 9, out of the box. Over which, Oppo’s own Colour OS 6.1 is given. There is no Android 10 over here. I even set up this phone, but there was no Android 10 update in it after that as well. But, at the end of the day, I don’t have much issues with ColourOS.


In this price range, for sure I like Stock Android kind of experience more. But still, for the daily usage this interface is fine. Moving forwards, we will talk about the battery and charging setup of the phone. A 4,230 mAh battery is given here and alongside that, the phone comes with a 10W power brick. Now this battery size is a little smaller according to me. In this price range, plenty of phones offer 5,000 mAh battery. Due to which their battery life is outstanding. The battery is kept slightly smaller here which will reduce the battery life for sure.


But at the same time, because of a smaller battery you get a slim profile of the phone. The phone feels really light, sleek and thin. If we talk about the charging time, this phone will take 2.5 hours to 2 hr and 45 min to get from empty-to-full charge. And once the phone is charged, it will give you a day or 1 and a half day easily. If the usage is light, it might give you 2 days as well. But this phone will not offer you any sort of great battery life, due to its small battery size. If we talk about charging time, this phone will take 2.5 hours to 2 hours and 45 minutes to get from empty to full charged. And once the phone is full charged, it will give you a day or 1 and a half day easily. If the usage is light, it might give you 2 days as well. Moving forwards, we will talk about its camera setup. So, at the back of A11K, a dual camera setup is given. Which includes a 13MP Main sensor of f/2.2 aperture and a 2MP Depth sensor.


Whereas, on the front side for selfies, a 5MP Selfie shooter of f/2.4 aperture is present. The maximum video recording resolution of front and back, both the cameras, is set to 1080p at 30 frames per second. But if we talk about about the quality of this camera, then it was better than my expectations. Because of having a 13MP and f/2.2 aperture, this camera, indeed, takes soft images often and the images easily get blurred. But when you provide the camera with a good lightening, then the images were coming out amazing. I found its colour reproduction to be quite accurate as well as the dynamic range seemed decent too.


Specially, dynamic range is a thing that suffers the most in this price range. I have seen some other phones in this price range, which oversharpens the images because of a low pixel count. But the images seemed balanced to me here, I did not feel any over sharpening anywhere. Among all the phones that I have used in Rs 19,000/- price range, the camera of Oppo A11K is one of the best. Moving forwards, lets talk about some of my final conclusions. Then there are a few things about Oppo A11k that I didn’t really like. The battery of this phone seemed very small to me, in size. Although the screen size seemed small to me as well but it based upon your preference. But the things that I liked about this phone, its processor Helio P35 is one of them. It is, indeed, not the best in this price range, but it is better than P22.


It is not at all a bad processor for this price range. Along with that, I really liked the build quality of this phone as well. Its look seemed very beautiful to me. This blue colour, and this S-pattern on it, matte finish, Gorilla Glass 3 at the front, so I would like to give it full marks on the basis of build quality. But the thing that I liked the most about this phone was its camera. If you want a good camera experience in this price range then I would recommend you to must try out Oppo A11K. And at the end of the day, if you want a phone that is thin, light and compact, maybe you want to buy a phone for your wife or your mother, or want to give as a gift to someone, this phone can be good over there. Specially, there is an Oppo brand name. The brand name of Oppo is considered as a superior brand name in this price range. This can be a good device for that as well. What are your thoughts on Oppo A11K? Do let me know in the comment section below. That is all for this video. I hope you liked the video. I will meet you in the next video. Goodbye!


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