Buffalo found on our YouTube channel As I promised last day today we will talk about This laptop A please Strig Electro punk Care Technician is a pretty laptop Interesting surprised me But He has a few small ones sketches Which bothered me a lot And I’m probably not the only one Which is disturbed That’s what we talked about With the next few minutes, but until then, let’s see what specification this laptop has.


How it handles the tests and Synthetic and of course We play a little On him Forget about all Don’t forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter cel.ro Slash giveaway You to enter the contest But first, let’s move on If you like adventure and want to rinse your eyes With landscapes you can subscribe to our channel that are Romania from the drone and there you can see differently Saudi cities Drawn kinematics With the drone and GoPro This model has code name g512 double It comes equipped with a tenth generation i7 processor 10007 From 50 h A processor that has a base frequency of 2.6 GB What can turbo climb up to 5 GB Maps have 6 cores with 12 Trains And forget about the Maxi Four Cows on the RAM side We have 32 GB at a frequency of 2,933 Megahertz On the south side Storage we have an SSD m2 Intel 660p One terabyte Mommy, you’re lying ASUS laptop supports Until 3:00 to Locations per m2 The daughter board is a GeForce rtx 70 we are not on the port side either Too bad we have an LG 4 internet plug 5 o hdmi plug Zero One piece of USB type c 3.2 second generation What displayport supports Three USB plugs a 3.2 generation 1 In the end we have bluetooth 0 being a portable device we also need a battery on The measure this time we have one of 66 v and the charger where it is From 203 Dozens of party book cows Nicu Lari,


We have an rgb keyboard In four areas Shut up because Windows Press support Audio part driver We have two of speakers Very strong From 4.2 And Smart technology While a specification away Let’s talk about the product in Alessia’s material is plastic Fully We only have metal elements On cooling and of course jacks As a size The model I have Here is 15 But It’s a little Growing up compared to a conventional laptop With approx Three fingers So if you need to carry an ordinary backpack with you It’s not good you should consider that it’s Mailat Than a laptop why So far And the reason why ASUS Chosen To make it a little deeper So to speak, it is due to cooling Why Because We all know that laptops Gaming or laptops very much powerful They’re inside Components that need a thermal balance Very very good Misunderstood by a Kinder me So the heatpipes are a bit bigger and the fans in turn Here is why.


I was there A little disappointed De Asu housing You’re a plastic case has a brushed aluminum finish but it’s not aluminum Flexors on the lid It’s the minimum as soon as we open cover Or We raise the screen we are greeted by Plastic bulbs Who has Minimal flex And I really like it because then When you type The base does not flex at all We have a keyboard Clasico How do I take them classic The function buttons are placed on the right side Namely Home Page up page down and Print screen And Lili, we don’t have a numpad Which I think Strange enough if you’re used to having a 15-inch laptop I buy You want to use this laptop is fine Somehow it will take you little time Get used to it.


The keyboard has exactly the same tactile feel from left to right kick press the smaller buttons Chica fish On the larger buttons on exactly the same Touch experience in document editing you will have absolutely no problem using it Keyboard Now let’s talk about the screen ASUS delights us with a full HD panel Unfortunately it does not have a reproduction Leading colors Very very Very pricey And to But is a panel of 240 You know you’re doing a gaming kit that you’re not gaming when you see animations so fluid you have to fall in love instant And I don’t necessarily talk Topci of a panel With refresh Very very But when it comes to that.


I like what a thousand say I can’t abstention I’m telling you this What I don’t like about it is the accuracy Yes on this right 8 you will not be able to edit photos you will not be able to edit video bears you will have to connect A monitor Separation doesn’t seem like an end to me Ceci It really disappears quite frustratingly One such laptop is the lack of a card The final party Let’s talk a little about the holy tests Fire Strike Cinebench And so on ASUS laptop brought them to Brilliant in terms of a solution Portable Sami Moved and Handled pretty well the only aspect I wouldn’t be with Agree In the way private It is the last moment It’s an Inter 6 You 60 before switching gaming I would like to talk a little about cooling What do you say laptop Even if While mommy Play while I came across the synthetic The processor did not enter in total Very much and the temperatures were more than acceptable The discomfort you feel in In which you hold the laptop in your arms Or on the table is quite large and why.


What do I say this We have it here One evacuation two evacuations And another one on the right Normally most people use it Mobile devices use the mouse In the right And his left hand on the keyboard Even so, given that you are left-handed and And you use On the left You call me, you’ll still feel something Comfort in the idea in In which your laptop is still in your arms Vest If I sit like that with my hand I will even feel at a distance this which is quite small The high temperature coming out of here Evacuation I don’t like this and I don’t like that Behind I have some plugs between the exhausts And the moment you want to connect them ideally would be And let him come Perpendicular But I’m not going out Maybe so you’ll have to pull them through Left or by the date depending on the office that Tulai And that moment all the hot air.


Where will it go in Cables and What will soften I don’t like that But you will see that he does more in games Than MA and I’m waiting I still And that’s just on We have dalisis 0 we also have directx 12 updated and so on and the drivers make the most of it Of this hardware Of course The game must have in the club Rtx and They gathered in who we played in the antennas And Battlefield Five the laptop did Surprisingly good I had over 60 girls at the center Gaming session that time Technology from envy Combined with ASUS technology Combined with laptop cooling And with the product It’s good they all led to a gameplay experience Similar to Unitip best Because school is still starting and everyone is crazy about Back to school and so on I think the students at the Polytechnic If they have a budget for such Car for such a product I could recommend this laptop to them because I am able to run very,


Very many applications How many cars AutoCAD inventor And so on If I think about it, those programs also need RAM, they also need a very good graphics solution, but also processor Happiness ASUS pine wood laptop On all three, that’s about it for this laptop model I liked it Very much recommend The heat and until your future do not forget to Give your opinion on this Section of Comments below You know you have to Done Don’t forget to Check the description For useful links and price.


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