This doesn’t happen very often, but I’ve got a whole bin of gaming laptops over here from Origin PC. Let me tell you the storyof how this came to be. Origin reached out, saying,”Look, we wanna sponsor a back-to-school video about our laptops,” and I was like, “Okay, but the thing is, you guys, most students are buying aChromebook for back-to-school.” They were like, “Okay, fair enough. But what about those people who are going back to school and who also happen to be leet gamers who want a Samsung AMOLED display built into their gaming laptop?” And I was like, “Okay, for those, we’re gonna have to checkout some new laptops.” (upbeat music) Where do you wanna start, Brandon? We’ve got the 17-incher for real gamers. This thing is pretty mucha portable gaming desktop. That’s the EON17-X. We’ve got the EON15-X,which is still a thick boy. You got lots of that hardcorecopper cooling in there, but 15 inches and alittle bit more reasonable in terms of thickness and weight. We’ve got the 17-inch, but like, hmm, still pretty slim. That’s the EVO17-S. And then we’ve got the15-inch version of that, which happens to have aSamsung AMOLED display. What do you wanna see? – [Brandon] The smallest one.


I knew you were gonna say that. All right, first thing we’re gonna notice when we fire this puppy up is the… Ah, yes, individually-backlitRGB keyboard. Just ’cause it’s slim andactually fits in your backpack doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have gamer RGB, although the rest of theaesthetics of the machine are pretty unassuming. Just got a simple OriginPC logo on the back. Rear I/O. So there’s your power in. Thunderbolt, that’s aUSB Type-C Thunderbolt. HDMI and Mini DisplayPort. You’ve got three more USB Type-A’s, dedicated microphone andheadphone jack, Micro SD and… This is a really nice one to see for me. One of those little hinged Ethernet jacks, so you can actually pluginto the wall with a wire if you want the utmostin latency and speed. On the bottom we’ve gota ton of air intakes for the one, two, three,four heat sink elements that are all around the backand sides of the machine. You can actually see through. So Corsair bought OriginPC a little while ago, and they’re using CorsairVengeance memory, naturally. Let’s see how that screen feels.


Now, they went with a glossy screen. Is it touch? No, not touch. Got it figured out. Okay,this is really cool. I couldn’t turn HDR on because I wasn’t plugged into the wall. That’s obviously gonnause a lot more power when the pixels are runningat a higher brightness level. So because this uses Samsung’s15.6-inch AMOLED panel with a peak brightness of 600 nits, this is one of the few laptops out there that has a truly HDRdisplay built right into it. Now, the Windows HDR experience, honestly, still is not (clears throat) perfect, but I still wannatake it for a test drive here. This is the one HDR video that we’ve done. Let’s see if this works. We really did not do an amazing job of mastering this video, but (laughing) if the question was, “Is HDR working and is the panel brightin the bright areas?” the answer is yes. Overall, I actually don’t think this panel is doing a fantasticjob of retaining detail in areas that are outside of its maximum brightnessrange either, though. That’s something that HDR display makers, graphics manufacturers and Microsoft are all gonna have to continue to work on, because HDR is more of like a concept for richer content delivery, and less of just a hard and fast standard for how the content is actually displayed.


I suspect, for a lot of people, leaving HDR off, which does happen to be the default configurationfor this machine, is going to be a pretty good bet, but that doesn’t meanthere aren’t still benefits of an AMOLED display. So, for example, you could set a desktop wallpaper that’s mostly black, and anytime you’re looking at the desktop you would actually bepowering up those pixels less, giving you some potentialfor energy savings. This thing is way beefierthan I actually expected. So it’s got a Core i7 10875H, 32 gigs of RAM, all that isstuff that did anticipate. I didn’t realize it comes with up to an RTX 2080 Super Max-Q. Now, you can argue all day about whether the 2080 Super Max-Q versus the 2070 Super Max-Qmakes much of a difference because of thermal constraints, but the bottom line is,for this size of laptop, this has the most powerful GPU you can possibly install In it. That might explain why thefans get going pretty good.


This is freaking sick. Just got some casual “DoomEternal” running at 1080, anywhere from 150 to 200 FPS. Those fans are going, though. Man, that’s smooth, though. And this is only a 60-hertz display. This is just running really smoothly ’cause we’re getting a ton of FPS. We’re gonna wanna have a look at one of the higher refresh rate models right after this, I think. To do so, we’re gonna go to the complete oppositeend of the spectrum with the EON17-X. So this is the morebeefcake, gamery lineup, and it’s the big 17-inch version. This puppy has two power bricks, each of which is 250 watts almost. Two power inputs. two Mini DisplayPorts. Thunderbolt. HDMI. I wonder if this is 2.5 gig. We’re gonna find out.We’ve got wired Ethernet. We’ve got USB Type-A. Two USB Type-C’s, one of which that has DisplayPort plugged into it. You gotta be kidding me. There’s like five displayoutputs on this thing. You can’t even use thatmany at once,


I don’t think. Two more Type-A’s, dedicatedheadphone microphone jacks and a full-sized SD card reader. (snorts) Tons of mesh along the bottom. Removable battery. Wow. Nor do you see a dedicated subwoofer on a laptop very often. Inside we’re gonna findGeForce RTX graphics. We’re gonna find ahigh-powered Core i9 CPU. We’ve got a G-Sync panel. This is the kind of machine that, when your parents go, “Wow! “Why is that so expensivefor back-to-school?” you go, “Well, hey, look, at least it’s cheaper than a MacBook Pro.” Assuming you spec it out. Anyway… Well, this one’s available with up to a 240-hertz G-Sync display that runs at 1920×1080, but Origin actually sentme the 4K 60-hertz version. Guys, I had really wanted to experience the high refresh rate in this… Look at this thing! It’s turboing over 5 gigahertz right now! Yes, my friends, it not onlyhas a Core i9 processor in it, it has a Core i9 desktop processor. This is a 10900K, which meansyes, it will actually turbo in lightly-threadedworkload over 5 gigahertz.


And we’ve got a full-fat RTX 2080 Super. No Max-Q, this is a Max-PSKU, and I am expecting some pretty spectacularperformance from it. And whoa, yeah, Ihaven’t even talked about the underglow RGB at the back. Look at this. It’s like, “Hey, Origin? How’s that Corsairacquisition goin’ for ya?” There’s your answer right there. Okay, so if you guys were wondering what kind of a differenceyou can expect from a Max-Q versus a Max-P variant withreally great cooling on it, we’re hitting almost 250 FPS right now. I mean, of course, we would have to select the other display option in order to get the full benefit of that, but at least it’s an option. Wow. I’m seeing spikes over 300 FPS. I guess that’s what that10900K is doing for us. So Nightmare, 4K, we are still running in the neighborhood of 100 frames per second. And while a lot of people mightlook at a machine like this and go, “Well, that size is ridiculous. What year is it? I thought this was 2020.”


The difference in the qualityof the fan noise is really big compared to a thin laptopwith powerful hardware, where the fans have tospin at much higher RPMs, so it’s more of a(fans whooshing) whoosh and less of a… (screeching) Of course, for some people, looks and (chuckles) a back that’s not sore are more important than acoustics, so for them there’s the EVO17-S, which is the big brother of the first one that we looked at. So the biggest differencehere is, of course, a 17-inch display insteadof a 15-inch display, and it’s not OLED, because at this time Samsung is only making theirAMOLED notebook display in a 15.6-inch variant. Going back to a skinny boy does mean that we end up with a Max-Q GPU as well as an actual mobile CPU, but if you had some intensework to do on the road… You can see I’m actuallyrendering in Blender with this puppy right now, and the CPU is stillmanaging around 2.9 gigahertz on all eight cores and 16 threads. Pretty darn respectable for something you can slip into a notebook bag.


There is a performance hit moving down to the thin and light optimizedhardware for the internals, but there are also qualityof life improvements with this one like thebuilt-in fingerprint sensor on the touchpad. One thing I gotta give credit for is that while the top of themachine up here is quite toasty, the keys themselves, very usable. And same goes for the wrist rest. Actually, down below about here is still cool to the touch. For their last trick, Origin sent over oneof their EON-15X units. So this is a 15-inch butthick boy gaming laptop, with, oh, what’s this? A custom print on the back cover that’s LTT-themed and stuff. So you can basically getany graphics that you want printed on the back of your laptop if you’re into that sort of thing. They offer HD UV printing, precision laser etching or complete custom paint jobs to spruce up your Origin PC.


You got your power in, yourMini DisplayPort, HDMI, and then that’s a Type-C thatalso has DisplayPort out. No Thunderbolt on this puppy. Then you’ve got a USB 2 over on the right, along with dedicated headphoneand microphone jacks. Two USB 3s on the left, Micro SD, and a full-sized Ethernet jack. This one also has the fingerprint scanner for password-free sign-in. And in terms of hardware,I’m expecting to find maybe a Max-P GPU and a mobile CPU? Guess we’ll find out. No! This is something entirely different! Here I am going, “Well, this can’t have nearly as beefy a coolingsystem as the 17-inch, so it must have a mobile chip in…” Uh, no. This has got a 3950X 16-core Ryzen processor in it and an RTX 2070, and thatwould be a Max-P variant. So this right here is gonna be your mobile workstation powerhouse. But look at that turbo. 3.2 gigahertz! Look at it go! Unfortunately, this is the one machine out of the four that Origin provided with a high refresh ratedisplay, it’s 144 hertz, and the one machine out of the four that doesn’t have “Doom Eternal”pre-installed on it for me.


So we’re gonna play some “Rocket League” at high frame rates. Oh no, these people aremuch better than me. No! Okay, well, then they got us, yep. Hey, the good news is we’regetting 250 frames per second. We got it locked in. (fans hissing)Pretty spinny fans, but just like its big brother, at least it’s a whoosh and not a whine. Wow, it really wants tocool that CPU and GPU down even when you’re notplaying the game anymore, get them down to a reasonable temperature. That’s pretty much it. If you guys want any more information on Origin’s notebooklineup for back-to-school or, I mean, heck, theirdesktops, for that matter, you can check ’em out at thelink in the video description.


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