Thank you for tuning in. This is Eric Rivera here. So I’m gonna be going over my Baselworld predictionfor Rolex in 2020. Now we’re getting close to that time, youknow, and they’re gonna be releasing real soon what’s it gonna be, so early today I’mout. I’m working. Shout out to everybody out there, working,trying to get there, whether it is a goal or the next watch or something, keep it going. You will get there! Just continue working. So I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter aboutwhat could possibly be released this year from Rolex, OK? This is coming from inside sources that Ihave that are well, well connected with the owners of ADs and stuff like that. O f course guys, don’t hold me to it, alright? I don’t wanna be crucified for having a wrongprediction because after all, they are just predictions. But I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors andstuff about what could possibly be released this year from Rolex, alright? So one of the first things that I’ve beenhearing and I predict is possible is a Submariner yellow gold in green, which is pretty muchjust a green Hulk.


I mean, I wouldn’t doubt it because nowadaysI feel like Rolex’s solution to everything is just slap a green dial on it and call ita day, you know? So, I don’t know. I mean, in theory it might look nice, butI guess we’ll have to see exactly what it looks like if this happens. I’ve heard a couple of people say this andsome inside sources and we’re not talking about pictures just going around on Instagram,because those have been going around already for about three years. But that being said, what I would like tosee now that we’re talking about that yellow gold with the green play, would be…a yellowgold Sky-Dweller with the green dial just like the Daytona, would actually be prettynice. I think that that would be a good combinationand would look killer. So, you know, I don’t know if we’ll be blessedwith that, but I almost think I would like that better than the Sub. So another thing that I’ve been hearing alot of is that the Daytonas are gonna come out this year, all the gold Daytonas, I’msure they’re gonna start maybe with one color, maybe they’ll just do both the white roseand the yellow, but that they’re supposed to come out with ceramic bezels. I really like that idea.


I think that the idea of a yellow gold Daytonawith a black ceramic bezel and black dial is gonna look hard. I mean, that’s gonna look nice. I like that idea. I’ve heard that that’s what it’s gonna be,that the other Daytona is discontinued and now they’re gonna be only ceramic bezel. I like that idea, you know? One of the major pitfall or Achilles Heelof the the Daytonas in gold is that the bezels are very soft. They’re not very forgiving. I mean, you give it a couple of hits or nicksand they’re done. You can’t really resurface that area withoutaffecting the numbers. So, the ceramic bezel gives it a lot moredurability. Yes, if you hit the ceramic bezel hard enough,it could chip or crack, but then again, if you were to hit a gold bezel that hard anyways,you’d be done as well, so I look forward to that. I think it’s gonna look good whether it’sin white gold, the rose gold, will probably be really nice if they did like a chocolatebezel, kind of like the platinum, but with the chocolate dial. Who knows what they’re gonna do? They know what they’re doing.


I mean, I believe in obviously all the choicesthat they make as far as taste and design, but the Daytona ceramic bezel I have a strongfeeling that that’s gonna be coming. On to the GMT. Last year came out the Batman with the jubileeband, which again, I’m not crazy about it. I’m never gonna say it’s an ugly watch becausehow can you hate a Rolex sports model in general if you’re a watch guy or a Rolex fan likeI am, but you know, I think that when they came out with that watch and they discontinuedthe Batman in Oyster, leaves it now perhaps maybe a perfect moment to come out with theCoca Cola, the black and red bezel in Oyster. I think that that would be ideal. I’m hoping because I’m a fan of the Coke colors. So, I think it would be a good play. I think it would be very proper, you knowthe Batman came and went. I mean, us in the hobby, they’re still hot. But you know, the Batman kind of fizzled down,so I think that now we kind of left you in a void of an Oyster bi-colored bezel GMT andthe black and red would actually be a great option right now.


You see, that’s something that I would reallylike for myself to tell you the truth, that they made a black and red GMT, I think itwould be kick ass, you know? I don’t think I would see a GMT in an Oysterflexstrap, but then again you know, you never know what they’re doing nowadays, you know? Rolex has fully embraced the whole rubberstrap game and with the release of that Yacht-Master last year in the bigger case, I was actuallyquite surprised. I had the chance to try one on and they’reactually really nice. I like that watch a lot. So gotta work hard, you know? Just like everybody that’s out there, seeif I can add that to the collection and just keep building from there. Alright so, we really won’t know until allthese things come out, you know? Rolex and these companies seem to be verysecret and wanna kind of like entice us and leave us with these anticipation of what willcome out. Another question I wanna raise is the Submariner. What are they gonna do with the Sub? Are they gonna make a small tweak in the movementor maybe just something on the clasp and say that the all new Submariner has been releasedwith just a different reference number? I mean, they possibly could.


It’s an easy play for them, which also makesme think, will they come out with the solid, rose gold version of the Sub with the blue-on-blue? I mean, we all know that would be killer,but it also would be killer for the sales of the GMT, which leads me to believe, wouldn’tit be really cool if they came out with a Submariner in gold with an Oysterflex strap. That would be really cool if we actually gotone of those, you know? I don’t know. I would want one. I don’t know if everybody else would wantone and I don’t know if they are gonna do that. So again, this is a mixture of predictionand what I would like for Rolex to do this year. So one of the watches that I think everybodyis ready for and I actually put it as one of my predictions for last year 2019 was thetwo-tone Daytona in rose gold. It’s just one of those combinations that Ijust don’t see why they haven’t released it, you know? I put it for one last year and I was quitesurprised that they didn’t. There was no inside information.


I had no leads on it. I just figured it would be obvious by nowthey would provide the customers with that. People want it. You’re gonna tell me that everybody that hasa two-tone Daytona wouldn’t want a rose two-tone Daytona? I mean, one for all the girls are gonna loveit. I mean, ladies are gonna be buying those watchesleft and right and it’s obvious that nowadays women are buying men’s watches and they knowthat. That’s why they do some of these watches incombinations that could appeal more for women, but I’m hoping that this year we finally getthat, because I feel that that watch would be a success in sales. My only thing would be that if by now if theycame out with it, with the ceramic bezel, Meh! You know, it might not be as cool.


I think it would have been better with therose gold bezel. Alright guys, so these are predictions andI’m hoping that I can at least hit a couple of those. You already know the list of what I wouldlike to see and two watches that I’ve heard that are gonna be for sure coming out. I mean, nothing is for sure. Everyone’s been calling me all year saying,β€œHey Eric. What do you think is gonna happen with Rolexnext? Do you think they’re gonna come out with awatch? Do you think the prices are gonna go down?” It’s like look, it’s gotten so hard rightnow to predict what’s going on, that I’m on almost on the same seat as you guys, justwatching the show as we go. So comment below about my predictions andwhat you think will be coming out this year for 2020 Baselworld, and don’t forget to hitthe notifications bell till it looks like this. And if you liked this video, please like andshare. Also, subscribe to my channel and thank youfor watching!


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