Can you imagine a freshunboxed laptop when it’s boot up for the first time crashes into a blank screen but you do know that it’s possible ? yes, is it disappointing ?yes what to do in such a case if you are curious to knowwatch this video till the end. hey guys, what’s up So mi has launched theirlaptops in india two models with customizable options minotebook 14 and notebook 14 horizen edition today we are gonna do an unboxing of my notebook 14 and abrief review of it mi has been in the indian market forquite some time now they started with mi phonesbuilt the customer confidence over the years using their quality hardware inaffordable prices then redmi phones poco phones then theyhad mi tvs in india and then again couple of other gadgets they do have aplace in the indian market their laptops have been expected in theindian market ever since they launched it in the chinese market mi notebookcomes with i5 intel processors in the 10thgeneration and the horizon edition will be equippedwith i7 processors so we will get to the unboxing rightaway here it is so this is it there is no badgingvisible not even a sticker this is compact.


And light as they claim to be. mi claims this is around 1.5 kilograms in weight this feels around that weight yeah this is compact as well and it does have a premium styling though they could have added a logosomewhere here this is a metal body it doesn’tfeel fragile or cheap clean aesthetic and simple design mi is definitely aiming a younger demographic with this product. there is one more thing which i notice which isbelow there is a slight bump on the side which would help keep the laptop a bithigher when placed also there is a smaller onewhich would give it a lighter incline when we keep thelaptop there’s always a little bit of spacebelow the laptop which would help with the airflowso that is a good thing now let’s open this thing okay first thing you’re gonna notice is they’re missing a webcamthere is nothing in built instead they have given thisthe separate module as a webcam i’ll show how this works later the lid feels a little bit thicker which isof course in this light and compact laptop it feels odd.


If we bend it this is how much it will go so it doesn’t have a 180 degree bendbut yeah this is fine the charger which is coming with the laptop it feelsso ordinary even look at this slot they don’t have a c-type. there’s nothing special about this this isa fast charger which can pump 65 watts socoming to the ports let’s see here it is thecharging port which is obviously not c-type and there is an hdmi port and two usb 3.0 ports on the other side there’s a headphone jack and a usb 2.0 port no sd card slot no lan cable rj45 slots this mi notebook 14 is powered with an intel core i510th generation processor with an ssd of 256 gband 8gb of ddr4 ram and intel ultra hd graphics so ssd and the graphics card are configurablessd we can have 512gb so this is the 512gb versionin the top version the graphics processor will be nvidia geforcemx250 plus 512gb ssd and this comes pre-packed with thewindows 10 home edition let’s boot this thing up okay it’scoming up going through the initial configurationsyour keyboard is set to english india would you like to stick with thatdo you also type with another keyboard layout now let’s get you connected to a networkhow about the first one on the list oh the display just went blank what’s wrong i i did a full charge onthis it’s not the battery let me try again it’s coming up and thenit goes off again well there is definitely some issue herei’ve been trying this for some time now itit’s coming up for a couple of seconds but then goes offi did get this working for like 30 seconds and then the display windowagain and this happened multiple times so thennext option is to contact amazon customer care and look for areplacement unfortunately this product doesn’t have a returnpolicy there’s only replacement.


I went through the optionsa customer care representative called me back and inquired about the issueand after some time he himself placed an order for replacementso i’m gonna pack this up and wait for the new oneso here it is the replacement order it took again another three more days forthe replacement to arrive can’t wait to see how this works let’s open up and see how this thingworks this time it’s booting up all right let’s get into thedisplay and performance the display is full hd 14inches anti-glare display which is pretty goodin this range it has decent viewing angles too i found the keyboard to be smooth enoughthere’s a bit of initial hiccup but then it picks up the response is good thecore i5 10th generation does all the hard work this laptop has awider air vent for a more efficient cooling right nowit is having a little bit of fan noise it’sdownloading the initial updates and stuff soduring that process it’s not silent so far no complaints about theperformance the webcam module is separate this usbpin needs to be attached to connect the webcamin a moment webcam gets configured and gets ready.


So the webcam images arejust average the web camera claims to be outputting 720p video but thislooks to be much lesser than that and this thing needs an extra care thisis not fixed tight here tried charging 50charge in the first 30 minutes and in another 30 minutes it reached 85so for a complete charge it took around 80 minutesanother the led indicator of the charger is on the other sidewhich is again awkward and the battery backup claimedis around 10 hours but that seems to be a veryhigh estimate in actual use i could get aroundfive hours which is mixed use it included a bit of normal browsinga little bit of rendering let’s discuss the cons or the thingswhich i don’t like okay first of all there is no backlitkeyboard at this price bracket they could have included thatnext uh the ss needs an ssd it’s not an nvmeand nvme ssd would have impressed me much but at this price pointyeah now about upgradation can you upgrade the ram laterno it’s only single channel under soldered ram nextcan we add an extra ssd drive again no but you can still add a highercapacity ssd drive to this limited storagenow the usb c port is clearly absent not for charging dockingnow though there is a sea port available in the horizon editionbut again that’s also not available for charging therethe lan port is missing sd card is missing which areagain not gonna be deal breakers but yeah would have been nice to haveand uh.


This is not for gaming guys if you’re a gamer stay awaythis web camera module is a huge letdown even the low endlaptops have an inbuilt camera i don’t understand why they do thisalso if you’re traveling along with your laptop you do need to carry this if yourwork includes meetings video conferences now this is anew product launch in india by mi so there are someuncertainties along with a new launch availability of mi customerservice centers is going to be a gamble also the repaircosts in case of knee damage though they offerone year warranty and this particular laptop issue whichhappened to me that the laptop gets turned off in between i did search theamazon reviews and mi reviews but i haven’t seen amention of any others facing it so that could be a single incident but forme that wasn’t a pleasant experience but anyway the replace laptop just worksfine in that case let’s assume thatparticular issue was not a general problemfinal opinion this is a pretty ideal choice foran office home use definitely not for gamersbut the specs of core i5 10th generation 52gb of ssd and 8gb ram that checks mostof the box in this price range so if that’s your requirement go for itthat’s all about cmi notebook 14. so do let me know your thoughtsdown below in the comment section and show some love in the form of subsand watch out for the next video.


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