GAOMON M106K PRO drawing tablet is the newversion of GAOMON M106K tablet which comes with battery free pen, 8192 pressure levelsand support for windows, mac and android devices. This is the 10 inch graphic tablet with alarge drawing area, 12 hotkeys and wired connection to the computer. On the sides of the tablet there are miniUSB connector and PEN jacket which can be used to attachthe pen. On the bottom of the tablet there are anti-slipmats which prevent the tablet from moving on the surface. Although it is made from plastic, Batteryfree pen feels good in hand and has two programmable keys and replaceable pen nib. 2 Finger Glove is made out of stretchy material,Lycra, so it can fit on larger hands as well.


Mini USB cable together with two adaptersfor micro USB and USB C connectors are included in the package as well. Felt pouch contains 8 spare pen nibs and thesmall tool which can be used to replace nibs, although tool is not really needed. Very useful bag which can be used to storeand protect the drawing tablet when it is not used or when it is transported is partof the package as well. Download and install GAOMON drivers and afterthat connect the device to the computer. Device should be recognized and now can beaccessed and reconfigured if necessary by using GAOMON tablet software. More details about configuration options youcan find in manual but even with default values, express keys and tablet were working perfectlywith photoshop. In this video we used the photoshop for thedemonstration but there are many free and commercial applications which can be useddepending on your needs and means. Some of those are Krita, Sketchbook, ilustrator,Corel Painter and many others. Besides drawing,


PEN could be used as mouseas well, so there was no need to switch between pen and the mouse to access some of the functionalities. Beginner with no experience in previous usageof drawing tablets was able to quickly adapt to it. As soon as pen was close to the tablet, positionindicator was shown on the screen and it was easy todetermine where at that moment of time, pen is pointing. Depending how hard PEN is the pressed on surfaceof the tablet and angle of the press, brush would produce different results which wasvery impressive to someone who didn’t have previousexperience with these devices. Express keys have made some of the usual functionslike zoom in and zoom out, undo, changing the tip size, copy and paste very accessiblewhere these operations can be done with one press of the button. All in all, as a first impression and afterusage during 2 days, we were very impressed with this tablet. If we find some negatives or issues duringthe usage, we will post them in description of this video or in the comments. Thanks for watching and until the next time.


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