Hi everyone Aaron here for Zollotech andas we get closer to the final release of ios 14as well as the announcement and final release of iphone 12there’s more and more information available about what to expect fromiphone 12 and much more as far as other productreleases but before i talk about any of thati wanted to show you a new apple store that if you haven’t seen this alreadyit’s pretty interesting it’s a new floating apple store insingapore hopefully one day i’ll be able to visit it butthat may be a while off for now and it looks pretty incredibleand i’ve seen a few different pictures from different angles but it’s unlikeanything else anywhere in the world.


So i thought itwas kind of neat the next thing is mark german said that apple tv in thefuture is going to use augmented reality forits bonus content so maybe you purchased a moviecould be any movie and then you go into its bonus contentwhat you would be able to do is use the camera with augmented reality to maybeshow you more information about that moviewhat specifically that means is hard to say but i thought that was reallyinteresting and could be something that’s a littlebit different and sets apple further apart from its competitionnow i continuously get information saying people are able to see picture inpicture when using youtube now i’ve tried this with my videoswhether that be full screen or anything else if i go home.


I don’tget the picture and picture in the app i know you can do it with safari but somepeople are seeing it native to the app i do have 2160p it seems to be therefor me so i’m seeing that but i’m still not seeingnative picture in picture and i do have youtube premiumso it should show up but it’s it’s not showing up sohopefully in the future we’ll see that now the first thing isjohn prosser is saying that the pro motion displayis real now whether or not it comes out at launch whether or not it’s delayed isstill up in the air but instead of having a 60 hertz displayit would have a 120 hertz display similar to that of the ipad proand.


So i think it seems reasonable the only problem isapparently apple’s having difficulty sourcing the ics are basically thecontrollers for the display so i would rather wait a few more weeksor whatever it takes to get that production ramped upso that we could have a promotion display on the iphone whether or notthat’s on the top of the line iphone 12 pro max or whatever theydecide to call it is hard to say but i would love to seeit not only on that device but it seemingly is onthe 12 pro as well based off the photos that john prosser postednow as you can see here there are some options for thosewithin settings for promotion display or basicallyslowing the display down from 120 hertz down to 60 hertz or capping it at thatspeed and he did show this off a couple different waysnot just in photos but also in video.


So it was pretty interesting to seethat it’s actually at least being worked on whether or not they release it to thepublic is hard to say now some people will be disappointed toknow that it appears that the notch is going to be the same this yearthe notches personally never bothered me but the face id hardware is slightlydifferent and i imagine they’re working onfiguring out how they can implement that into maybe the displayor maybe the bezel around the display but right now it requires a notch forsecure face id but it looks like the 6.7 inch displaywill have a resolution of 2788 by 1284 according to a leak that would give it458 pixels per inch.


So it would be great to have a super high resolutionhuge 6.7 inch display of course it seems completely reasonable that they wouldhave that in a new squared off body like theiphone 12 prototype models that i have hereso if you’re not familiar with these i’ve shown these multiple times they’renot functional but they give you an idea of what to expectthe colors won’t be the same but according to max weinbeck and everythingapple pro and quite a few others i hack 2 pro it’sgoing to have a new navy blue color available as well so maybe we won’t havemidnight green but instead we’ll have a midnight or navy blue colorto complement the iphone i would love to see this and i really hope they pushthis out in the future because i would love a dark blue iphoneespecially with the matte finish that’s on the 11 pro max so maybe instead ofthis space gray it would be a blue color i think thatwould look great hopefully we’ll see it in the futurenow also speaking of the iphone 12 and 12 pro according to ihack 2 prothe battery inside might be much better this year in fact early tests accordingto him are saying that they’re getting two and a half to three and a half hoursmore screen on time regardless of the battery size with thenewest a14 chipset and whatever battery is inside the nextiphone.


So it would be great to get that extended battery life that makes senseapple’s really refining its chipset maybe they’ve made more room insideearly information said that it would be smaller so maybe that’sfor the smaller iphone that may come out the iphone 12if it’s really small of course you would need a smaller battery but it looks likethe top of the line models and even the regularmodel that would replace say the iphone 11would actually have a battery that’s much better so it would be great to geta couple extra hours more and i really hope that we’ll see that inthe future now also with the replacement of the iphone 11 with the iphone 12we may have some new colors to go along such as light blueviolet and light orange among some other colors sowe may see a replacement they do change it up every year.


So itseems to be reasonable there also seems to be more confirmation on the iphone 12that will see a lidar sensor in the higher end modelsthis makes sense it’s got some incredible progress on the ipad proso i think they’ll put it in the high end iphones more and more people areconfirming that now before we talk about ios 14 a littlebit and when to expect beta 7 i want to talk about the price to expectof iphone 12 because there’s one analyst trend force that wassaying it could be more expensive and ship without accessories now we doexpect it to ship without accessories becauseat least the high-end iphones with the 20 watt charger soprobably won’t ship with a charger why apple’s doing this formaybe cost reduction or something else i’m not surebut it’s hard to say until we hear from them in the futurehowever.


I don’t really think they’re going to raise the pricesi think they’ve made enough changes within the phone to bring the price downto complement the qualcomm 5g modem that probably will be inside of these soi really don’t think they’ll do a price on increase i could be wrongbut hopefully we see them at the same price orprobably not lower but probably at the same price as we have with the 11in the 11 pro max and 11 pro now as far as the ios14 beta 7 release date based on what we’ve seen in the past you can see thedates here it looks like you should expect it assoon as tomorrow september 1st based on the past they’ve pushed themout every week after beta 6 or so so beta 5 to beta 6 is one week beta 6to beta 7 is one week beta 7 to beta 8 is one week and then wemight have the gm after that however ios 12 had 12 betas soit’s hard to say exactly how many we’ll see before the final releasebut i would expect a final release of ios 14 by the end of septemberor early october.


So hopefully we see it at the normal time frame if we do it’llbe in the last week or so of september otherwise expect it maybe alittle bit earlier in october however ios 13.7 was a bit of a surpriseand if you’re running that on any of your phones apple released it as a betai have it on my 10s max and i was really surprised that theyreleased it i thought it would be out as soon as today to the public so maybelater this week it seemed like it was a final sohopefully we’ll see it later this week if we don’t see it later today even nowas far as the apple watch it seems like series 5 apple watches are out of stockeverywhere.


And so this is actually a series fourbut if you have a series five it looks like it’s out of stock or atleast in low stock just about everywhere meaning an updateis imminent with a series six apple watchand a new leaker apple lab claims that the new apple watch series 6 is comingin blue also to match that new iphone i’m not sure that we’ll see that butwe’ll have to see and it will still have an oled displaybut nor no force touch supposedly it will have advanced sleep tracking anew o2 sensor on the bottom just to check for blood oxygensaturation levels and i don’t think it’s going to bebackward compatible with that and then supposedly pre-orders will start as soonas september 8th or 9th so i’d be really surprised to see thatbut maybe we’ll see it that’s only a little bit over a week away sohopefully we’ll see it that soon and also we may seea new ipad as well there were some leaked documents from an upcoming ipadair for example and this is the ipad air 2.


But it lookslike there’s either going to be a new ipad air4 or so or it will be something else a regular ipad with squared off edgesit apparently will have face id also usbc on the bottom and then also maybetouch id it’s hard to say integrated into thepower button some people were saying thatbut the manual of the ipad air as you can see hereis showing that it’s a little bit more of a squared off design with an ipad prolook now what exactly that is whether it’s aregular ipad or an ipad air we won’t know until apple announces itbut it may launch as early as september .


So it may launch alongside theapple watch so hopefully we’ll see those pretty soonnow as far as the new apple silicon that we expect in the iphone 12 it looks likewe’ll have the a14 cpu but apparently apple is also going to belaunching an a14x cpu inside the next macbook 12-inch macbookso the super thin macbook that either you loved or didn’t like at allapparently will have the apple silicon first with an a14x cpuand a very long 15 to 20 hours of battery life that would be incredible ifwe see that so i really hope that we have somethingalong those lines launched soon i really loved the 12 inch form factorin fact it’s my wife’s computer she still uses it to this day and reallylikes it.


It just could use a little bit more speedand then finally the 2021 imac is said to be the final redesign that we’ve beenwaiting for for years and that will have the newapple silicon along with a custom gpu and supposedlywill launch in the second half of 2021 and just like the ipad air thati mentioned expect the next imac to have this sortof ipad pro look to it with squared off edges and super thinbezels similar to that of the ipad pro i think it’s time for that sort ofupdate it would be great to see the design language come acrossall of the apple devices including the iphone 12the ipads and the imac once again so it makes sense that they would do thatespecially with new apple silicon they can make it thinner like this deviceand also have extra features and be super powerfulso.


I really look forward to that and hopefully we’ll see thatfairly soon at least in next year at some point so maybe wwdc next year andthat’s really it for all the news this past week a lot of information about theupcoming iphone 12 i can’t wait to get this squared offdesign again it’s one of my favorites that carries over from theiphone 5 and 5s days this squared off looki really can’t wait to have that whether or not it looks like this or an iphone 4is hard to say until we actually see it and of course i would expect the cameramodules to look a little bit different than what we have here as wellso expect those changes coming up fairly sooni would expect an apple event probably in the first half of september sohopefully we’ll see invites for that soonerrather than later but again this year’s a little bit crazy sothings could be delayed slightly it’s hard to say but we’ll knowand as soon as i know i’ll let you know as well if you’d like to get your handson the wallpaper of course i’ll link it in the description like i normally doand if you haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and if you enjoyed thevideo please give it a like as always thanks for watching this isAaron i’ll see you next time you.


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