So this is the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3! This is the 15-inch version a size or formfactor that I’ve always wanted on the surface lineup, but the problem is when Microsoftannounced it, they announced it with an AMD processor. Now, I have nothing against AMD they makeamazing desktop processors, in fact I use one myself to edit video almost every singleday. They’re beating out Intel in the desktop marketright now for processors that run faster for a lower price point, but in the laptop markettheir CPUs are not as good as the Intel equivalents and it’s not going to be as good for anotheryear or two when they release their new architecture.


When I tested this device it ran fine witheveryday use but if you’re using certain applications, the AMD processor is actually a drawback overa slower Intel equivalent. For example, if I’m using Adobe Premiere andI want to make a quick couple of changes on my video work you can’t traverse the timelineon this. It’s just way too slow! You’re dropping way too many frames and my4k render test took me an hour and a half to render that video, compared to an 8th Geni5 from Last year. Which only took 30 minutes on the Intel version. Now, I know Intel has the advantages of usingquick-sync and integrated graphics to speed up the process, but this has Vega 9 and aVega 9 chip is supposed to be faster than last year’s Intel’s GPU.


The problem is mostly to do with AMD and Adobenot having the optimizations to make these applications work better. The next area is compiling code the CPU herehas four cores, they’re quite capable, but if you’re compiling code it takes a lot longeron this laptop then an i5 Intel version on let’s say a Macbook Pro 13, it took me anhour and 20 minutes to compile Mozilla Firefox compared to 47 minutes on an i5 MacBook Pro. Now if you’re just buying this for like regularproductivity work like, you know, using Adobe Photoshop or maybe you’re doing some MicrosoftOffice or Google Docs, this thing is grea.t Like it runs fine never had any stutters orproblems it’s nice and smooth. It’s just when you start taking things upto an intense level with certain applications, that’s when you’re gonna notice the littlehiccups. now I decided to test out some gaming on thislaptop just to see how capable the Vega 9 is and I was able to play Overwatch comfortablywith settings set to 1920 by 1200 with resolution set to low.


If you’re curious, how powerful this GPU isit’s a little bit stronger than MX150 the 15 watt version, but not as powerful as the25 watt MX150 found in something like the Razor Blade Stealth 2019. Now with performance out of the way, I wantto talk about this display because it is absolutely stunning not only do you have good color accuracy,it’s bright, it’s big and because it’s using a 3:2 aspect ratio it’s perfect for productivity. If you’ve only been using 16:9 monitors foryour entire life and you mostly work on them trust me try a monitor with 3:2, it will completelychange your life. You have more vertical space to work withwhich feels a lot more natural when you’re browsing a web page and working inside ofa document. Windows hello is insanely fast now. It feels as fast as a smartphone login. The camera, it’s only 720p which is kind ofunfortunate because the Surface Pro 6 or 7 and even the Surface Book both use 1080p cameras.


Now is it a bad 720p camera? It’s fine. I think most people would be happy with itfor video conferencing. Keyboard is another area that they improved. It feels super comfortable to type on notas soft as the previous generation, there’s a lot more force to the click. It’s just a really enjoyable typing experience. The improvements they made are exceptionaland I wish like companies like Apple would take some notes. There’s Backlighting so you can work in thedark. Unfortunately, there’s no numpad so that mightbe a deal breaker for number crunchers. Touchpad! So good, like I’m talking about on par, almoston par with a MacBook Pro touchpad. Like they did a really good job optimizingthe windows precision drivers. Battery life could be better, only six hoursand 30 minutes before needing to charge. Now, it does have fast charging you can topthis up fairly quickly but for 2019 standards a lot of ultrabooks are lasting anywhere from8 to 12 hours. And I think one of the reasons is becauseof the battery size, it’s only a 45 watt hour battery inside of here. I know they’re using 15-watt processor, butstill 45 is a little bit too small. Repairability was also a big deal like lastyear’s laptop forget about it was really tough to get inside.


This year you can do it. It’s a lot easier to get inside of there. You can swap out the SSD and make a few changes. RAM and everything else is still solderedonto the motherboard. Now before I wrap this up, two other thingsI want you to let you know Pen works with this, so if you want to draw or sketch onthis not an issue. Microsoft Pen works with this display. And two, the Wi-Fi card in here is not asgood as the Wi-Fi card that’s inside of the 13-inch version. It’s only AC not Wi-Fi 6. So here’s the bottom line, The Microsoft Surfacelaptop 3 15-inch is a beautiful well-designed laptop, but the performance suffers becauseof the AMD CPU. I think if you’re looking for the most performanceout of a surface laptop, you’re better off buying the 13-inch version.


However, if you just want a surface laptopfor general productivity, this is more than capable if you don’t mind the mediocre batterylife. Anyways that wraps up my review of the surfacelaptop 3 15”, if you have any questions let me know in the comments below! Like the video if you liked it subscribe ifyou haven’t already and I’ll see you guys in the next video!


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