Galaxy S20 started exhibiting significantparity issues between two of its versions, the Exynos and Snapdragon. Samsung has managed to keep the fact thattheir in-house Exynos SoCs have been inferior to their Snapdragon counterparts relativelyhidden. But the Exynos 990 might be the final strawthat broke the camel’s back. Exynos which not only had lower performancenumbers compared to the Snapdragon 865 but thermal throttles like it’s no one’s business. This has basically boiled down to the Exynoschip losing up to 20% performance compared to the SD 865 Which is the kind of differenceone expects from a mid-ranger and a flagship. Samsung, of course, knew about this and that’sthe reason back in June last year,


Samsung and AMD announced a strategic partnershipto bring AMD’s “Next Gen” GPU architecture to mobile devices. Qualcomm has been reigning supreme in themobile space for a while now and especially their Adreno GPUs used in their SoCs. The Mali GPUs have been playing second fiddleto Adreno GPUs for a long time now. And the time to put an end to that seems tohave finally arrived if the leaks are anything to go by. We have our first benchmark leak of the AMDGPU that will end up on the Exynos chips probably for the Galaxy S21 and it shows that thisnew GPU outperforms the Adreno 650 GPU by a factor of 3. A GFXBench listing shows the AMD GPU surpassesthe current Qualcomm Adreno 650 in many of the synthetic benchmark tests. It scored 181.8 FPS in the Manhattan 3.1 testbeating the Adreno 650 GPU found in Snapdragon 865 by 13%. Additionally, another benchmark of Aztechgives 138.25 and 58 FPS on Normal and High respectively.


This is mindblowing because the Snapdragon865 scores 53.65 and 20.38 FPS on Aztec Normal and High respectively. This translates to roughly 3X higher performanceby the AMD GPUs compared to Qualcomm’s Adreno 650 GPU which is unheard of. So this monstrous performance from the AMDGPU will put the Exynos processors right on track to take on the Snapdragon 875 next year. Heck with the kind of numbers the AMD GPUis able to achieve we could even say it can comfortably compete with Apple’s next-generationA14 SoC or might even beat them in graphics, you never know. We’ll see how that is going to turn out nextyear when the Exynos 1000 will introduce this new AMD GPU. Also,


This is good news for people who aregoing to get the Snapdragon processors because this will create competition between thesetwo companies, and as you know the competition is really important. Otherwise what’s going to happen is Qualcommwill create a monopoly in Android space and are going to sit on their bts without doingmuch innovation and most importantly they dictate the prices of these chipsets. Just look at the Snapdragon 865, it’s thesingle most reason why smartphones in 2020 are so damn expensive. So the point is,


If there is a competitionbetween these two SoC’s if the Exynos 1000 actually lives up to the hype then more OEMsare going to start considering using the Exynos chips which in turn will drive the innovationand most importantly will create a price war between Qualcomm and Samsung to attract moresmartphone companies to use their chipsets and as a result, the cost of the chipset willgo down and that’s great news for us the consumers. So I hope the AMD GPU gives a tough competitionto Adreno and becomes a threat to Qualcomm’s monopoly. Let me know what do you think about this downin the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!


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