This is Watch Your Style. My name’s Eric. Today’s topic is going to be, Smartwatch or Luxury Watch. In the last few years, the argument of smartwatch versus luxury watch has gotten really heated, especially with the introduction ofthe Apple Watch. I, for one, feel that that whole argumentis dumb, considering the fact that Rolex has not lost any sales due to smart watches. But, what if you could make your Rolex smarter? Can you really combine a luxury watch anda smart one? Well, there happens to be a new product thatcan actually do both. That product is the Chronos. Now, this is an actual product that’s introducedthat pretty much can make any luxury watch or any watch by that much a smartwatch. Now, this is the first generation of thistype of product and the first thing I realized about the Chronos is it’s very well made. It’s made of high grade stainless steel,

Verysimilar to a luxury watch, so it’ll fit in smoothly in the back case. It’ll blend in nice. You know, it’s a very easy product. It’s pretty much it’s got a stick-on back,which happens to not actually be any type of adhesive. It’s got thousands of little holes or suctioncups that actually stick on to the caseback and the longer you leave it on, the harderit actually holds. It’s also waterproof, so you can actuallydive with it or use it with a diver’s watch and that type of stuff. And, it’s a very simple product. You just put it on to the back of the watch,download the application on your smartphone, and then you link it together through Bluetooth.


One of the things I’ll also like to mentionis that it fits better on the watches that tend to have a flat back, so for example,an AP, the Panerai, the Hublot, they fit very nice because it’s got a wide case and a veryflat case-back, so it doesn’t really like raise the profile of the watch. Now, this is more for people that like techiestuff. I for one am not just a techie guy period. I don’t really even like an Apple Watch orsmart watches. I think with a cell phone I have more thanenough. But, this is for somebody that wants to havea little bit of fun. Some of the things that this product does,just to give you an example. It’s got one function where you’re allow tocontrol different things. This little small thing inside actually hasvibration sensors, gyros, and it actually even has a little vibrator, so you can feelwhen you’re getting a phone call or something of that nature. So,


When it’s on the watch, you could prettymuch set it up to take a picture and it has different commands, like when you tap theface of the watch, it’ll activate the camera. It’s also got like a fitness function thatcounts your steps, calories, that type of stuff, especially if you’re into that. One of the main things that I tend to haveliked out of it, it’s the notifications. So, if you’re away from your phone, or somethinglike that, and you get like a message or a phone call, you’re able to know you’re gettinga phone call because you’ll feel your wrist vibrate and it’s got like LED lighting tolet you know. So,


Who is this product for? Basically, it’s for luxury watch guys thatlike a little bit of technology. You know, if you’re just trying to have alittle bit of fun and maybe spice up your Submariner or something of that nature, it’sa cool product. Check it out! They’re doing many updates, so there’s goingto be a lot of things that are gonna be changing on it. I found it just interesting that there wasactually a product that can turn a basic watch or a luxury watch into a smart watch. Like I said earlier, I’m not much of a techieguy, so it’s not really my thing, but there’s plenty of people out there that just wannahave some fun and are into this type of stuff. So remember, if you’re looking to purchasea luxury watch, contact me at eric@crmjewelers.com. And if you liked this video, please like andshare. Also, remember to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric. Watch Your Style!


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