Since the devices came outmobile there has been a huge competition between companiesmanufacturers increasingly innovating in screen performance design among othersis why today I bring you the first cell phone with invisible camera one of themost fascinating and novel innovations of this 2020 my name is GABO solet us begin well guys directly what to usinterest this is how the first looks device with a camera under thescreen and the company that brings it is zte with your axon 20 5g model,


Yes! it is neitherHuawey, neither xiaomi nor other brands that already they had their prototype and they had shown itrather, this company will be the pioneer in this section and the confirmation comesby the CEO of the NI FEI brand or well I think it is pronounced xd who posted two photos on weibo that is a Chinese social network the first oneimage where it shows us the first look at the Zte Axon 20, in this image we can see the four rear camera modules and afinish that reflects light but in the second image that gives us one more viewclear from its all-screen panel thanks to its invisible camera also in this picturemakes fun of the hole in the screen and in the retractable camera like youyou know is a solution to have the full screen but for example ifwe talk about the retractable camera this has a useful life and incompared to the camera under the screen the problem will disappear forcomplete it is also mentioned that the camera could always be visible andwhen we get very close in the screenalso the characteristics were filtered device such as the screenwhat is OLED with a full hd + resolution 6.92 inchits processor which is a snapdragon 765 g and the main camera because it is 64megapixels now we go to the camera front is 32 megapixels soyou know you’re going to possibly have a good resolution but well.


It will be time to see itafter and when will it come out? the company to through its website announced that itsofficial launch will be the 1st of September in China and well he hopes thatbe marketed globally if so, ZTE with its Axon 20 5g will be theworld’s first smartphone in incorporate this type of technology intocameras as for my opinion to me already I think it’s fabulous that he’s already going torealize this innovation since we benefits both consumers and the same companies also once Zte present your device thesame brands will not take long to do it and Well,


We consumers will havemore options to choose Let’s hope that all that comes to fruition andthat once and for all Well, this has been my video, I hope you liked it. You know tell me below, how did you think of thisdevice do you like you don’t like you have faith in this kind of technologyWell let me know down here in the comments, you know If you liked it, leave a good like and subscribe to my channel because I will be uploading new videos and share it with your friend who likes that type of content xd See you a next video take care bye bye


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