Hello there have you just started yourart degree if that’s the case then you need a laptop and luckily for you thereare thousands of laptops these days as good as that sounds it can make it veryoverwhelming and confusing to find yourself a laptop in 2020 as an artistyou just want a very good laptop that is proven to work well for artists that’sexactly what I got through hours of research and talking to many artists andreading as many blogs as I could get my hands on I found exactly what you needas an artist if you want to know more make sure to check the detailed blogwhich will be linked in the description below and all the laptops in this videowill be linked in the description you deserve better products.


If you agree with that make sure to subscribeso coming up in number five we have the Acer spin three convertible laptop thisis an amazing affordable option if you don’t have the biggest budget in theworld and this is gonna be a very good option for youthis laptop from Acer is gonna be an amazing choice for most artists it isbuilt very well by Acer and it’s one of the laptops with the most positivereviews I’ve ever seen which means people don’t have any problems with thislaptop so this laptop has a 360-degree rotatable screen which makes it turninto kind of a tablet and what’s cool is that this stylus comes with the laptopyou don’t have to pay any extra and the stylus has a slot in the laptop so youdon’t have to worry about losing it as of the specs of this laptop it has aneighth generation Intel i7 8000 565 you it has Intel’s integrated graphics whichis UHD graphic 615 and it comes with an amazing 16 gigabytes of RAM this storageis 512 gigabytes of SSD storage and the display is a 1080p full HD IPS touchpanel so IPS panels are usually much preferred for artists IPS panels areknown to have the most accurate colors out of all other panel types laptops onthe cheaper and usually have TN panels and TN panels usually look very bad sothe only downside.


I could possibly find on this laptop is the fact that it’s notupdated with the latest USB C ports but to be honest not everybody needs a USB Cport anyways the USB 2 port is fine but if you want a USB C then you’re gonnahave to wait for the next laptops despite the fact it has this tinydisadvantage it has an amazing touchscreen and a good trackpad an SDcard reader and a keyboard that feels very good so if you want to do somevideo editing live gaming and maybe some 3d projects this will definitely be agood entry-level option as it has a pretty powerful CPU as for artists whowant to draw it has a very accurate stylus pen another cool feature withthis laptop is the fingerprint reader so if you just hate passwords like me andyou


Just want a secure way to get into your laptopit has the fingerprint reader and most importantly it has up to 12 hours ofbattery life coming up in number four we have the Lenovo flex 14 this is gonna beyour best budget artist laptop so the pros of this laptop it is not expensiveit has a 360 rotation display it has an IPS display panel and the pen that comeswith it has 4096 pressure levels and there are no cons for this laptop atthis price so this is an overall outstanding laptop for the price so ifyou want the best laptop for art projects and drawing on a budget thenthis is the way to go so now let’s talk about the specs if you love Intel CPUsit has an eighth generation Intel i5 8200 65 you as for AMD it has a risin 53500 you processor if you’d ask me.


I recommend you go with the horizon itwould perform better than the i5 at a lower price as for the GPU the Intel onecomes with you HD graphics 615 and the AMD option comes with a dedicated radiumVega 8 graphics card so Ram the Intel option comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM theRyzen comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM and storage you can pick what you need ithas 128 256 or 512 gigabytes of course and the display is a 1080p full HD IPStouch panel so the price of this thing is insane compared to other laptops thatare good for artists this is like half their price it’s not like the specs arebad either I mean it has amazing specs so if you want to use simple artistprograms or drawing programs like Photoshop or the Adobe Illustrator oranything that is not very intense this is a perfect option now this laptop andcome with two different stylus pens.


I recommend go for the lenovo active pen2 as it provides a very natural feeling of writing sketching and drawing and italso has configurable buttons to speed up your workand improve your overall productivity I mean at this price it feels like theremust be some cash but there isn’t so just go for itif it’s within your budget this is an amazing option coming up number three wehave the Microsoft Surface book – this is 2 in 1 laptop in beast mode so if youwant a 2 in 1 laptop that has amazing specs then this is definitely the bestoption you could go for it is a very very powerful laptop for a 2 in 1 laptoplike I don’t even know how they put so much specs in such a tiny laptop so ithas a superb detachable screen and this laptop with the specs can even playTriple A games at high settings this thing is amazing so let’s talk about thespecs.


It has an eighth generation until i7 8650 you or you could also opt forthe i5 version so this is where this laptop stands out it has an nvidiageforce gtx 1060 6 gigabyte graphics card so it has a dedicated graphics card andnot only a dedicated graphics card it has like a gtx 1060 graphics card thisis so strong for a 2 in 1 laptop so what else it has 16 gigabytes of RAM and ithas 512 gigabytes of storage if you want more you could also opt for the oneterabyte storage option and it uses an SSD for storage which is much fasterthan the old storage types like hard disks and it has a whopping 3260 by2160p pixels display with an IPS panel IPS panels have amazing accurate colorswhich is going to be very good for coloring your graphical designs andartwork so if you want something that actually feels like a laptop yet itworks as a two-in-one option this is the best option the other two-in-one optionshave this gimmicky feeling like a paper-thin keyboard and other weirdthings but know this laptop has an amazing keyboar.


And it looks just likea normal laptop little do you know all you do is justclick something and boom your screen pops out now you have a tablet and notonly do you have a tablet you have a tablet with amazing specs so honestlyMicrosoft did an amazing job with this laptop as for connectivity it has thefutures port which is USBC so the only downside on this laptop is you have tobuy the Microsoft pen separately Microsoft will always try and get themost money they can out of it but in this laptop every penny is gonna beworth it based on many benchmarks done on this laptop.


It will literally chew upanything you throw at it so intense video editing gaming 3d design this willdo it all but keep in mind is not intended for very intense use it’s not aworkstation laptop it’s a lightweight very convenient portable amazing laptopcoming up in number two we have the Microsoft Surface pro 7 this laptop isan improvement of Microsoft’s highly successful surface pro 6 MicrosoftSurface pro 6 was a very successful laptop and many artists around the globewere using it it was being used for graphical design digital arts you nameit anything so what Microsoft did here is they took the amazing mind set off ifit ain’t broke don’t fix it so what they did is they tweaked the pro 7 here andthere but they didn’t change it too much so you keep the amazing features of thepro 6 so this laptop also has a 10th generation until i7 processor it is thei7 1065 G and there is also an i-5 option if you want that the GPU isIntel’s iris + graphics which comes with the tenth generation CPUs the integratedgraphics of the tenth generation CPUs is so much better than the previousgenerations .


So it means that you don’t need to have a dedicated GPU with thislaptop the tenth generation CPU offers an amazing performance graphics wise youcould even play triple-a games with this laptop not at the highest settings ofcourse anyways you get 16 gigabytes or 8 gigabytes of RAM and this storage is 256gigabytes of SS storage the display is 2736 by 1824PixelSense display with an IPS panel this is a very powerful laptop whichdoubles as an our laptop thanks to the touch display and the very sensitiveMicrosoft stylus pen this laptop is a very good option for artists willing totake their creativity to the next level he only downside with this laptop isMicrosoft try and get every penny out of you so you have to pay separately forthe pen and for the keyboard but if you have the money for it it’s well worth itso if you’re gonna be doing intense video editing or other intense artistprograms like 3d programs and stuff then .


I suggest you stick with the i7 versionif you’re going to be using simple programs like Photoshop or other 2dartists drawing programs then I would suggest you go for the i-5 because thei7 would be overkill and if you want something that is future proofdefinitely go for the i7 because it’s definitely gonna be better throughoutthe next years programs are always advancing which makes them need betterspecs so coming up in first place we have the HP spectre x360 15 T this is asolid laptop from HP that looks stunning this laptop is honestly the bestfuture-proof laptop you can possibly get this laptop has a wonderful design and abeautiful 4k IPS display the best part of this laptop is it has a 10thgeneration Intel i7 1510 you this is Intel’s newest CPU as of 2020 this CPUcan boost to a whopping 4.9 gigahertz and this laptop comes with a dedicatedGPU you can either go for the GTX 250 or you could go for better options thereason you would go for a better graphics card is if you are usingprograms that utilize having a dedicated graphics card or if you want to playvideo game.


I can’t list every single program outfor you but some programs are very good at using a GPU and some don’t reallyand they only care about having a good CPU generally speaking most artistssoftware are gonna benefit from having a good CPU and a lot of RAM which is wherethis laptop excels it has an amazing CPU and has 16 gigabytes of RAM plus 32gigabytes of Intel obtained memory and this storage is a 512 gigabytes SSD andof course as we mentioned it has a 4k fully touch IPS display and a quickreminder is if you are into 3d design you definitely want to go with theoption with a better GPU as most 3d programs utilize having a good GPU forrendering and as for the laptop it has all the latest connectivity options ithas a camera kill switch for privacy and it also has a fingerprint reader.


So Idon’t know if you’ve heard of this before but if you have a very bad viruson your PC they can easily spy on you through your laptop’s webcam but HPsolved this problem really well so there is a switch you switch it and it’s amechanical switch so what it does is it shuts off electricity to the camera soeven if a hacker wanted to spy on you through your camera it won’t work sothat will ensure that you get the privacy you deserve another amazingthing is this laptop uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology of 2020 and it alsouses Bluetooth 5 these features are very hard to find in laptops and mostcompanies haven’t introduced them yet to their laptops this laptop has all thenewest technologies in it and it’s a very good future proof option so to behonest with you you want to get the best device you could possibly get then thisis the way to go you are never gonna regret this laptop as an artist so ifyou guys enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe to the channel and share thisvideo with your artist friends and if you’re thinking about printing your artmake sure to check our video on the best printersand if you have any questions make sure to comment below you.


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