Hi everyone welcome back to my channel. Today I’m going to tell you about my new drawing tablet which is a display tablet it can be called as display tablet or drawing tablet or drawing display or drawing monitor also so this is XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro I have been using it for 7-8 days now & after using it I’m making this review video. I kept it in the box again so that I can show the contents properly like how they come in the box so first of all.


I will show all the contents of the box then I will show you how to use the tablet and how to draw on it using different softwares and I will also show what I’ve already drawn on it so let’s begin with the video to purchase it you can go the link given in the description there will be 2 links one is of XP Pen website and other one is of amazon store if you buy it from xp pen website (india) then you can use my promocode – ShubhamXP to get 5% additional discount that promocode can be used only on the XP Pen website to get the discount. otherwise you can purchase from amazon link now let’s quickly unbox it and see it contents. so this is how the box looks like there’s a handle at the top to easily carry the box and there’s a sticker here on which MRP is written manufacturing date,


Address of store are also mentioned the MRP mentioned is 64999 INR but it is available at a discounted price online for approximately 49000 INR on amazon some features are mentioned on the backside of the box as you can see here it is supported on Windows and Mac OS usable with both hands there’s a stand in the box as well detailed specifications are mentioned here active area, pressure senstivity 8192 levels 60 degree tilt pen it has a passive pen, 8 shortcut keys 1 roller wheel I’m just reading it out, will show everything properly the display resolution is 1080p and it is a USB input device resolution is 5080 LPI display color is 88% NTSC and 120% sRGB so these were the specifications now let’s quickly open it as I told that I have already used it and I have again put it in the box so as to show you the packaging properly let’s keep it aside this is how it opens there’s one foam cover and this is the tablet!


I keep this protective film on it when the tablet is not in use it can be easily removed when you want to work on it these are the shortcut keys, 4 on each side of the wheel and this is the roller wheel When I will show you how to use it then you will understand in better way there’s rubber grip on the back side to keep it stable on the table this is the stand we can keep it on the desk like this this is the case of the battery-free pen 8 extra nibs are inside it these are the extra nibs for the pen here’s the pen XP Pen branding is there on it it is a plus point that the pen is battery-free these are some different plugs for power adapter we generally use this one in India we can plug the cable to this adapter cables are in this box let’s take those out we are going to use them to connect it this is the cable, with HDMI port one type-C port for connecting to the tablet and HDMI port to the laptop/desktop PC one USB port is for power which can be connected to the adapter.


I will show how to connect. there’s one more USB cable and then we have a quick start guide a cloth for cleaning the tablet the driver links are mentioned on this card if you simply scan this QR Code then also you can find the driver otherwise just go to this link XP-pen.com/download to download the drivers this is the warranty card and this is a thank you note this is a glove used while drawing on the tablet so these are the contents now let me show you how to connect it first of all, I will put the stand on the table then I will keep the tablet on it like this place it on the table and the tablet on it like this so the cables which are in my hand it has 3 plugs on one end and one plug on the other end the type-C port will be connected to the tablet like this these are for adjusting brightness and other one is power button so I have connected one end of the cable now these other plugs of the cable out of these three HDMI plug is compulsory to connect so .


I will connect it one USB plug will also be connected to the laptop so these two are compulsory for laptop/PC the 3rd one (red) is for power so if you want to use power adapter to get the supply then you will have to connect the other USB cable to it and the power adapter to the cable like this then we can plug it into the socket for power, otherwise if we plug the red cable also to the laptop I mean all the three to the laptop then we don’t need the other cable and adapter I’m going to use it this way let me connect it to the laptop HDMI cable first then the two USB so that’s it. Now let’s switch on the laptop then the tablet too so I have connected it, and turned on the laptop now I’m going to remove this protective film then.


I will just switch on the tablet pressing the power button XP Pen will pop on the screen so it is on now laptop’s second screen is visible here when you will use it for the first time you have to install the driver first from the link mentioned on the card which I showed earlier you can install the driver from the xp pen website this is how the driver software looks like after installing here the tablet model is mentioned Artist 15.6 pro 2 keys of the pen can be setup here different functions can be assigned this is pressure senstivity graph we can check pen pressure here and you can set it according to your need, how much soft or hard senstivity whatever you like I’m keeping it soft here you can change mouse mode absolute mode or relative mode by default it is absolute mode then there are display settings keys settings, and active area settings.


I have kept it full you can customize it from here and these are the keys settings the keys which you can see on the side of the tablet their functions can be assigned here and red dial features can be assingned here so you just need to setup it for once when you set the keys according to your need then just use the tablet if you want to change any function then only open the software again now let’s open photoshop and let me show you it’s pressure senstivity started with light pressure then gradually increasing it you can see the pressure senstivity the red dial can have different functions like changing brush size increase/decrease it let’s increase the brush size now changing the brush as you can see the pressure senstivity okay and one more thing you can assign 3 functions to the dial and switch them so you can also zoom-in zoom-out the document or you can also scroll the document up and down using the dial let me show you the scrolling this is how you can do it and like I said earlier you can change brush size also, and zoom in zoom out let me show it closely just to give a better view of senstivity I’m gradually increasing the pressure writing my name so as I have been using it for 7-8 days.


I have already checked it with different softwares like recently I was drawing this in illustrator this is illustrator I’m drawing rohit sharma cartoon style illustration so it is good for illustrator too works pretty well with photoshop too paint tool as well so it supports many softwares like I told I’m drawing it in illustrator it will be completed soon and I will post it anyways this video is just about the tablet so we not focus on drawing much I had recently uploaded one video in which I used this tablet for drawing a digital painting you saw the video clip of this digital painting I used this tablet and I was able to draw pretty well on this as you saw in the video.


I really like this red dial as it is a very useful feature we can assign 3 different functions like zoom, brush size change etc so I like it a lot and these 8 keys are also very useful now let’s talk about the pen. It has a rubber grip which is really nice one more thing, the case of the pen it’s build quality is really nice too it also has rubber grip to keep it stable on the desk the cap also has rubber grip we can keep the pen like this so this doesn’t move on the table this was my review about this drawing tablet as I told, you can check the links in the description and the discount code ShubhamXP can be used on any product on the xp pen website so if you want to buy this you can buy it from that link and use the discount code. Like I drew the recent digital painting I will do more and more such drawings, paintings vector art, illustrations on this tablet and those videos will uploaded from time to time do subscribe if you haven’t, and give a like to the video if it was good, and do let me know your views about this tablet. See you in the next video, bye!


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