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Huawei watch GT smart watches and fitness trackers are hot right now but lots don’t have enough battery life enter the Huawei watch GT this device lasts longer than most other smartwatches on the market and can do quite a lot – starting with the design the watch GT is thinner than your average sports wearable measuring just ten point six millimeters from the front of the screen to the rear of the casing and feels nicely built with two buttons on the right edge of the watch that has a firm click to them and the black ceramic basil looks elegant there is an ambient light sensor hidden behind it which keeps the full face of the 454 by 454 1.4 inch OLED screen on view moving on despite the simple looks there’s very little sensor wise that this watch doesn’t have it has GPS with GLONASS.


And Bay do support in addition to regular GPS also an optical heart rate sensor accelerometer and gyroscope to track motion and magnetometer or compass and barometer in addition a small white puck is included in the box along with a USB type a two USB type-c cable you plug the type-a end into any phone charger and the type C end into the edge of the puck it snaps onto the back of the phone magnetically and charging takes up to two hours on to ease-of-use browsing around the Huawei GT interface feels great the touchscreen is responsive and everything feels snappy and easy to find your way around additionally the lower button fires up your list of activity tracking modes the watch can auto detect activity with lots of activities to choose from including swimming with stroke detection and distance tracking for both indoor and outdoor pools along with cycling running hiking and climbing the biggest attraction in Huawei watch GT is its battery life according to what way the watch will last up to 30 days.



In typical use it will turn off heart rate monitoring and only use the watch GT for notifications and calls we would say that 14 days of normal use is a very reasonable expectation to conclude if you want a Smart Watch with fashionable appearance many daily functions rich sports modes and a super long battery life you might as well try the Huawei watch GT and number four is the tech watch s 2 SmartWatch if you want your SmartWatch to take a pounding and perhaps keep up with a more active lifestyle what choices do you have after all the majority are made for looks not for toughness mo boy has stepped up with the tech watch s – a SmartWatch that doesn’t mind getting knocked or scrape once in a while design-wise mob boy has engineered the tick watch S 2 to meet US military standard 810g protecting against temperature dust ingress and is water resistant to 5 atmospheres it’s quite thick at 12 point 9 millimeters and the matte black color makes it faceless moreover the polycarbonate bodies texture feels great the entire watch is very lightweight and the silicone strap is comfortable the button on the side is also easy to locate and push even with gloves on and the tall basil should keep the face for you from accidental scuffs or scratches.


We liked that it was easy to personalize your watch by changing the watch face and switching out the straps the screen measures 1.3 9 inches and has a 400 by 400 pixel resolution we had no problem seeing it outdoors but there’s no ambient light sensor meaning you have to adjust the brightness manually moving on the watch runs the latest version of Google’s wear OS platform it’s white based but it’s more logical than before and more helpful to a swipe to the right activates Google assistant swipe to the left and you get a selection of fitness metrics and access to mobile take Health Suite found inside the standard mobile app from Google Play alternatively long press on the screen and you can swap to google fit the tough body makes the tick watch s-two ideal for outdoor use it tracks steps at heart rate interacts with google fit


And mo boys owns hick health app and has built-in GPS we generally had no complaints about performance using it on a daily basis without frustration the tick watch s2 has a 415 milliamp hour battery inside which will typically last around 36 hours before requiring a top-up although not bad it isn’t as good as some others on the market as for charging the battery this is done by using the magnetic plinth with pogo pins on it we place the watch on the plinth with 20% charge showing on the display and it reached 100% in about 60 minutes to conclude you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option if you’re looking for an ultra durable where OS powered fit in a SmartWatch on a budget at number 3 is the Garmin Forerunner 2 3 5 there are plenty of Android fitness trackers to choose from these days so if you need to track your running or workouts along with your steps then the Garmin 2:35 is a reliable entry-level running SmartWatch let’s see what makes it tick starting with the design the watch measures 45 millimeters by 45 millimeters by 11.7 millimeters which is approximately 1.75 inches in diameter with a watch weighing just 42 grams making it easy to forget you have.


It on your wrist the forerunner to 35 is available in three different colors black and gray Frost and blue and marsala all of these colors look professional and are suitable for mature people the navigation and commands are managed by a series of buttons lined up along the perimeter of the watch case the 1.2 3 inch diameter color display is non-touch and is very readable in bright sunlight which we found useful moreover when used as a running companion it can make a noticeable difference for Fitness lovers the Garmin Forerunner 235 is the wearable that holds pretty much all the features to be called a good GPS watch the watch is out of the box feature set includes daily activity tracking run tracking training programs plus SmartWatch features and the ability to install apps that further expand the watch’s capabilities in addition the built-in GPS utilizes gps and glonass satellites for locating the position some metrics like distance speed are measured using these satellites to give more accurate results moving on with activity and sleep tracking this Garmin 2 3 5 watch covers the standard activity tracking metrics like counting steps burn calories distance and it additionally has sleep monitoring to track total sleep in movement with the risk-based heart rate monitor Garmin has used elevate technology to measure heart rate for 24/7 without any extra strap additionally.


You can pair the watch with a compatible phone for connected features like automatic uploads to Garmin Connect smart notifications audio prompts and live tracking you can also download customizable watch faces and applications from connect IQ which is pretty cool before we end we must mention that Garmin promised the battery life between 9 and 11 days however we found it needed to be recharged after three days which is still not too bad this is recharged through an exclusive clip that attaches to the side of the watch and powered via a USB to conclude if you’ve been seeking the best value in full-featured GPS watch that would add new life to your fitness activities then we would suggest the Garmin Forerunner 2:35 is one of the best Android smartwatches with almost nothing to dislike that number tip is the fossil gen4 Explorer s SmartWatch as fashionable smartwatches go there is a lot to like about the fossil Gen 4 explore East it’s attractive well-made waterproof and available in a choice of finishes and band styles design wise the Gen 4 watch looks like a traditional mechanical timepiece more than.


Most of its Android SmartWatch rivals down to its large flat glass front and notched bezel and crown style buttons however what separates the q explora strum a mechanical wristwatch is its excellent 454 by 450 for 1.4 inch display the Q explore its OLED panel is right at the forefront and it’s pin sharp bright and colorful despite measuring 45 millimeters across the SmartWatch doesn’t feel excessively bulky which is great in addition flip the watch over and you’ll find the Q Explorer as’ optical heart rate sensor which does protrude slightly from the back of the casing this isn’t so pronounced as to cause discomfort and it also doubles up as a suitable notch for helping secure the watch’s magnetic wireless charger the watch is available in five different colors which come with a variety of straps made from different materials whichever model you choose you can still use any standard 22 millimeter band to achieve the look you want as for performance the fourth-generation explora Strunz wear OS formerly Android wear which means.


It can be used with both Android and iOS devices which is great moreover where the previous Q explorers lacked GPS NFC and a heart rate monitor all three features have been added to this Gen 4 explore SmartWatch making it an altogether more appealing device indeed you can now leave the house without your phone and accurately lock the distance and time of your workout while keeping tabs on your pulse the NFC feature is a great addition it took only a few minutes to set up Google pay and making a contactless payment at the supermarket was as easy as it would have been using a credit or debit card best of all it works without an internet connection so you can pick something up at the shops on the way back from a run even if you’ve left your phone and wallet behind we also like to mention that the efficient new charger design ensures a snappier power up them with previous generations.


The watch can reach eighty percent charge in under an hour and fill up completely in around one hour 15 minutes which is pretty impressive to conclude the Gen 4 explora Staz all of the aesthetic appeal that you’d expect of a brand that specializes in fashion accessories and crucially it includes all the features a prospective SmartWatch buyer should and one we would recommend at number one is the Samsung Galaxy watch active the Tizen based Samsung Galaxy watch active is a smaller alternative to the big bulky SmartWatch as we usually see and is a compelling piece of hardware it provides a lot of the same features as larger wearables and even as a few new ones design wise the Galaxy watch active is made with military-grade protection and a protective Gorilla Glass coating that prevents scratching it’s thin at just ten point eight millimeters thick and weighs in at a light weight 25 grams plus comes in lots of colors and interchangeable brands moreover.


If there’s something Samsung does better than most is it makes great SmartWatch displays and the watch active is no exception the 1.1 inch 360 by 3 6 the AMOLED display is an absolute beaut it’s bright and vibrant and images and text or crisp the main controls will be with your fingers as you swipe tap and flick your way through Tizen OS there are two physical buttons on the side for the power control and Samsung pay access which is a cool feature onto the performance a swiping to the right of the watch face will bring you to the health screen showing you three core trackers you get activity or calories burned workout or active minutes and move hourly which aims to get you up and moving around every hour swiping to the left will bring you to many app experiences like the health tracker or the heart rate tracker you can also check your calendar or pump up the gems with Spotify the latter is a nice experience to have on your wrist and yep.


It works with the Galaxy buds in addition you can track about 39 different activities ranging from biking to running so it’s an impressive array moving on galaxy watch active brings a lot of value when paired with your Galaxy phone it links quite well with Samsung’s one UI and natively will work with the Galaxy store for any extra apps and watch faces you may want to add you can see notifications on your wrist control music playback through Spotify and maybe even get a little more active additionally with a watch being smaller and thinner you might think the battery life will be poor but I’ve consistently gotten around a day and a half with the Galaxy watch active before we end the Samsung includes a wireless charger but you can also charge the active with wireless power share on the galaxy s 10 es10 and s 10 plus to conclude the galaxy watch actives lightweight in simple design make it better for working out and wearing to bed and works on both Android and iOS overall it’s a pleasant experience that is smooth and well thought-out which is why it’s hops our list thanks for watching the video we hope you found it useful be sure to leave a like and subscribe to the channel to get more videos like this in the future if you do have any questions related to these products you can leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you catch you soon


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