That desktop is off because when it’s on,it gets very loud. It’s got three fans. I can’t take the desktop with me to anyother room. I cannot even take it with me when I travel. I need a laptop. I had alaptop here but that one is dead and even if that would work, I can’t even dovideo editing on it. Now the question is, what laptop do I need for video editing?Let’s talk about that. And if you’re new here, welcome. Ahoj. Myname is Zdenka Darula.


If you want to learn how to take better photos and videoswith the latest gear and possibly participate in creative camerachallenges, consider subscribing. There is no one Universal laptop which issuitable for everything. Some of them are super light which are excellent fortravel and then you’ve got some of them which are a little bit bulkier, which canactually replace your desktop. I personally want something which I cantake with me when I’m staying in Europe or I can take with me on a location oraround the house.


It doesn’t have to be super light because I’m not gonna behiking with it. You know what, let’s just go through all the technicalrequirements, all the specs, all the numbers so you understand whatthose numbers mean and then you can choose the laptop you want according toyour budget. Let’s start with the whole body of the laptop and eventually get in. Something to consider when you’rechoosing your laptop is the material it is made of.


If you’re gonna be travelinga lot or carrying it with you or hiking even with it, then you probably wantsomething like a mixture of carbon and aluminum because it’s gonna be verydurable just in case you’re gonna drop it, it’s probably not gonna break. If you’regonna be buying a laptop which is gonna be sitting just on your desk, it’s gonnareplace your desktop, then you can get away with probably just an aluminium orhard plastic cause you’re not gonna be moving it much and it’s probably gonnabe also cheaper.


When you’re editing video, you might wantto go with larger screen with accurate colors, so 17 inch screen is probablymuch better than 15 inch screen. If you’re using your laptop as a sort-ofdesktop and it’s sitting on the table, another option is to literally hook upan external monitor. For travel, obviously you want a very long-lasting battery butdon’t let those numbers when you’re buying a laptop fool you because if yougonna be just be browsing the internet or you’re gonna be typing and stuff likethat, the battery will last for a long timebut if you’re gonna be doing heavy usage such as video editing in Adobe PremierePro, the battery life will be simply shorter.


You might want to do batterylife tests to know how long the battery will actually last. The older laptop youwill have, the battery will eventually go so if you have a laptop where you canswap batteries, bonus. Let’s look at the side of the laptop on the ports. If youare a photographer or videographer, look for a laptop these days which hasThunderbolt. It is a fantastic feature which allows you to connect multiplethings to it such as USB, Ethernet, external graffic card, SD card reader,little hyperdrive which has everything. Besides a thunderbolt, you also want tohave at least 3.0 USB port for data transfer and also SD card reader.


Mycamera uses SD cards. How much RAM memory do you need? Ifyou’re gonna be just doing full HD video editing, basic video editing in AdobePremiere Pro, then you can get away with 16 gigabytes. If you are gonna beworking with 4k, you might want to go a little bit higher with 32 gigabytes. Ifyou’re gonna be doing 3d or working in Adobe After Effects, then it’s highlysuggested to go even higher, 64 gigabytes. Although, there is not much differencebetween ddr4 and ddr3, it is suggested to go with ddr4.


Most of the laptops nowhave ddr4 because it is more future proof and it also uses less power whichallows better overclocking. Do you need GPU or graphic cards and what is thedifference? What is it anyways? Graphic cards is a whole hardware, it is the wholething. GPU is just a chip, it’s a part of the graphic card. If you’re gonna bedoing just regular video editing, it’s not really that much important but ifyou gonna be doing rendering or if you’re gonna be doing special effects, then theGPU will start to make things a lot faster, so yeah, it is important.


You needit. When it comes to storage, it will be niceto have at least 256 gigabytes but that of course depends on your budget or mybudget. You can always add external hard drive to it. What is important for videoediting is performance. For Full HD, you want quad-core. For editing 4k, it isrecommended to go with 6 or 8 core processor. So quad processor running as2.5 gigahertz or faster will give you optimal performance. I hope this videogave you an idea when it comes to buying a laptop for video editing. Hit thethumbs up button and subscribe to all future videos. If you have any questions,comments or simply want to say hi or ahoj, you can do so in a comment sectionbelow and I’ll see you my friends in the next video… Cau… Ahoj…


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