Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech andthe Galaxy S10 Plus finally arrived this comes in at 999 dollars for theversion that I picked up it’s the 128 gigabyte version in prism white so let’sgo ahead and open it up here and see what we’ve gotnow this was really loose in the box the top felt like it was going to fall offand you’ll see we have some documentation under here see if I canget it there we go and we’ve got a SIM card removal tool and then somedocumentation says that it has a pre-installed screen protector so that’snice since it doesn’t supposedly work with glass screen protectors and it’sjust some information so let’s set this aside and take a look at what’s in thebox now I also did get a free pair of pixel buds with it as well so.


I havethose we’ll take a look at those a little bit later and as you can seehere’s the phone so let’s lift it out here and you’ll see it’s got that nicewhite back that’s really reflective it looks pretty good and then in the Box wehave our adapter we have our adapter to help us switch to a different deviceit’s USB C 2 USB a we’ve got some headphones here see what this is herethis is probably our charge cable it doesn’t want to come out yeah there wego there is our USB C charge cable it’s a USB a 2 USB C there we go it’s kind ofstubborn but you get the idea and a keyed AKG headphones with a 3.5millimeter headphone jack since this device has on so let’s set this asideand we’ll take a closer look at the phone now the phone itself this looksreally nice.


I was able to see one in a local Best Buy here recently but that’sit now I really like this back and it comesin different colors as you can see this is prism white it comes in prism blackprism green prism blue flamingo pink ceramic black and ceramic white and Ialso got I almost got the ceramic but I’m glad I didn’t it really was a twohundred and fifty dollars more you did get more storage but this has 128gigabytes plus expandable storage let’s take a look at the front you can seethere is that screen protector that’s installed I’ll probably just leave thatsince that’s really nice and it’s hard to tell it’s even there so let’s take alook at the outside of this and as you can see we have our Bigsby button hereour volume rocker on the top we have our SIM card tray little microphone and thisis all high polished aluminum in fact there’s probably a piece of plastic Ineed to take off of this that’s protecting it up.


I can feel it hereyou’ll see it’s wrapped around the whole phone and on this side we have our powersleep/wake button on the bottom we retain that headphone jack USB see amicrophone and a speaker and that’s really nice in this very compact sizelet me show you a quick size comparison so here is the galaxy s 8 plus so for asize comparison it’s pretty much the same size it’s a little bit wider thanan s 8 plus but the same height pretty much maybe a little bit shorter feelsabout the same weight and for those of you that have iPhones here’s acomparison as well this is a XS Max so it’s a little bit narrower it’s aboutthe exact same height same thickness pretty much only we don’t have as muchof a pronounced camera bump like we do on the iPhones so it’s really niceoverall feels great in the hand of course most people are going to use thiswith a case let me go ahead and power it on and I’ll go over some of the specshere so we’ll turn it on and let’s go over all the different specs there’squite a few to go over so like.


I said the body’s made of aluminum this has theQualcomm Snapdragon 855 with the audrina 640 GPU this also has 8 gigabytes of RAMor it will come with 12 gigabytes of RAM if you have the one terabyte version ofstorage it also has Wi-Fi 6 which is the latest now the display is covered withGorilla Glass 6 that’s also true of the back as wellit’s a dynamic AMOLED display that’s 1440 by 3040 pixels it’s 522 pixels perinch and it’s an HDR 10 Plus display and it has that under the screen fingerprintsensor now on the front there’s two cameras one is 10 megapixel with an F1.9 aperture the other one is an 8 megapixel camera with an F 2.2 aperturethat also records in 4k so you can record in 4k from the front on the backwe have three cameras the first one is a 12 megapixel F 1.5 to 2.4 variableaperture camera that’s a wide camera then we also have a 12 megapixeltelephoto lens with an F 2.4 aperture and an ultra wide 16 megapixel F 2.2lens as well now the back cameras record in 4k HDR for video this runs Android 9Pi as the one UI or the Samsung experience on it and it also has a 4100milliamp hour battery that supports fast wireless charging and you can reversecharge things like.


The Galaxy buds you can also order a 5g version which iscoming later to Verizon now before we go ahead and set this up let’s take a lookat the SIM card slot it does have expandable storage up to 512 gigabytesof microSD storage you can see here this is plastic and it’s also got your SIMcard tray so it feels a little flimsy but it doesn’t move so that’s not thatbig of a deal I’ll put a SIM card in there a little bit later so let’s goahead and set this up so let me set it down here and we’ll hit start we have toagree to the terms so I can restore settings from say an iPhone or somethingelse so I’ll do that we’ll hit next and update smart switch a network connectionis needed to check that ok well update it so now it wants me toconnect to my iPhone using a cable so.


I can do this later or do it now and let’sgo ahead and connect it and you’ll see here’s my iPhone I’m going to connectthis to this now you have to trust it as though it’s a computer put in yourdevice passcode and we’ll hit next and it’s searching my iPhone XS Max fordata to bring over and mostly I just want to bring oversome of the basic information such as my text messages and things like that andit should show up on this device as well so I’ll let this run it will take alittle while and we’ll come back once it’s done now in order to copy my iPhonedata to the s10 plus it told me to charge the s10 plus to 80% so I’ll haveto come back and do that although it could have been talkingabout the iPhone also but let’s go ahead and set up the fingerprint sensor sowe’ll hit fingerprints will it continue and I’ll set up a pin now it’s tellingme to put my thumb down seems a little pickier than.


I remember Samsung phonesbeing with the fingerprint but that’s ok there we goI’ll add my other fingerprint now we’ll finish this up here and wait for it tocomplete this is the default home screen of the s10 plus now I may change some ofthis as I tend to use Google Apps but let’s see what apps we’ve got on hereapplications not very many since I got this from Samsung it shouldn’t have awhole lot of extra things on here it’s installing some of the things I usenormally and I’m just waiting for that to complete now if we slide over herewe’ve got bixby of course I’ll be reassigning that most likely whenthere’s a software update which is pushed out to this already took quite afew devices so hopefully I’ll have that and let’s take a look at the settings soin settings everything is down here now we have that one UI experience whereeverything’s down here you can use one hand to reach it and we’ve got quite afew different settings overall it looks pretty nice let’s see if we have asoftware update it says checking for update let’s seewhat we’ve got now it actually says.


I have the February 1st update sohopefully a little it’ll find one a little bit later I’ll check this againbut let’s go back and you can see settings looks pretty good I’ll betweaking this over the next couple of days and so far it feels very fasteverything’s nice and fluid so far I don’t have anything to the right itlooks like then if we go into the camera it looks pretty good we have a our emojiemoji bixby vision of course video and this iswhat interests me the most actually is it supposed to have HDR video so rearvideo size resolution full one to one it also records in 22 88 by 1080 we’regoing to advanced video recording and you’ll see it has a high efficiencyvideo an HDR 10 video which is what I’m very interested in I want to try thatout and see what it looks like so rear video size it’s in 1080 let’s changethat to 60 frames per second 4k and now we have 4k and it looks like we can’t doHDR in that particular mode let’s go back to 30 frames per second see if wecan do HDR and now we can do HDR 10 so that should be pretty interesting to seewhat it’s like I’ll be testing that out as well now let’s take a look at theGalaxy buds also now.


I know a lot of you are going to comment I’m just using aLeatherman tool or whatever if you have any suggestions for a better knife letme know I’ll pick one up or I’d love to try something else that’s a little bitdifferent so these were included free with the s10 plus let’s take these outhere see what we’ve got here so it looks like we’ve got some different fittingsfor our ears and then in here we’ve got another USB a 2 USB type-c cable sowe’ll set that aside and let’s open these up and see what happens since thisis supposed to be like the air pods are so there we gothey showed up will it connect well Wow to greet all of these galaxies wearable we have to change that notification toneand it says setting up your phone so it was pretty easy to pair these so it sayscongrats on your new Galaxy buds will hit agree and you can managenotifications and turn them off or on or whatever you’d like so I’ll come back tothat a little bit later and then it says use the touchpad double tap for next oranswer or triple tech triple tap to go to the previous tracktouch and hold and you can change the setting so it finish and I’m all set sothese should work now and supposedly we can charge them on the back of thisdevice also so let’s see how that works and I don’t know if it’s charging butyou get the idea it should charge off the back of here there we gonow the lights on I don’t know if you can see that let me see if I can hold itstill the lights on it was charging and it may take a moment to set up but it’snice I can just set these on my desk charge it and then I’ll be good to gonow if there’s anything specific you want to see regarding this particulardevice it says no match so that’s kind of interestingthere we go.


I have to play around with that a little bit more if there’sanything and particularly you’d like to see about the galaxy s 10 plus that youhaven’t seen elsewhere I’d love to hear what you have to say just because I’dlove to try out some things other people are not so it keeps saying no match andI’ve set up both thumbs so that’s kind of interesting and I know there’s anupdate for this so hopefully I’ll get that update and it improves quite a fewthings and it’s already saying problem loading widget so we’ll see what happensbut let me know what you think in the comments below if you haven’t subscribedalready please subscribe and like if you enjoyed the video if not the other onesokay – as always thanks for watching this is Aaron I’ll see you next time.


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